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Review by  Brian Gordon
Reviewed on 2004-04-16
This game is a great-looking alternative to “Wolfenstein,” but little else. The file size is much reduced and all the levels are in the main program, rather than in level packs. The graphics are much better, with more realistic-looking enemies and a raycasting engine that seems to actually work. The gun system is pretty cool, with multiple guns that fire at different rates, have different power levels, and amounts of ammo.

However, the game itself is lacking. The idea of finding a locked door, then going through a massive maze to find the key and trying to find your way back is original enough, but the mazes are way to big and it becomes more irritating than fun. When you beat a level, you feel more relieved than happy, demonstrating the toughness of this game.

I definitely recommend this game, if only to see what the TI-83 can do. Beyond that, good luck.

Review by  nayr ki
Reviewed on 2004-02-16
This game was GREAT!!! The 3D-Raycaster was fast and didn't flicker at all, like some I've seen. It didn't crash my calc more than twice, and was overall a good game.

A few bad things were:

A. The saving mechanism saved only the level, not the actual state. This means that you had to redo the level if you saved state.

B. The read-me didn't tell you what the change-weapon keys were. This lead you to believe you had no extra weapons.

C. There was no "Level Editor"

Well, all in all, this was a great game.

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