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Review by  Ben Nagy
Reviewed on 2007-12-12
I am a large fan of Soul Calibur, and other arcade games of that nature. KoF is good, but not that good. As a fighter game, it would be okay, but as a calculator program, it is terrible.

The file itself is very large, and each character requires its own program in addition to this! Also, there is no multiplayer, and the computer is always too easy, or too hard, because there are only a few moves you can repeatably perform.

It's a great game to show your friends, but just not worth having for the play of it.

Speed: 7/10

Good speed

Gameplay: 6/10

It's okay

Replay: 2/10

Not very good...

Graphics: 9/10

Could use a background? Or easier to see character?

Resources: 2/10

Terribly large

Overall: 5/10

Not all it's cracked up to be. Try it once or twice... maybe.

Review by  David Arrington
Reviewed on 2005-10-13
Wow. “KOF” is an amazing game to play. It has gotten my through many looooong math classes. Yes, the memory thing is an issue, but if you have an 84/84+/84+SE you should have no problems whatsoever. Well, I have found one problem - it takes my calculator about four times as much archive space just to re-archive it. However, this is only a minor setback. Overall, this is an incredible game for all calculator owners. 10/10 any day.

Review by  Matthew Longley
Reviewed on 2005-09-26
“KoF2K” is - simply put - amazing. Despite its memory problems, it is a really nice game. For one, the AI is simply incredible for a calc game. One thing that bugged me was the lack of link support. If this game had that it would probably incredibly popular around my school. Still it's one of the best out there.

Graphics: 9/10 Animations are smooth, lack of backgrounds bugged me a tad
Memory: 2/10 Major weak point, you'll have to clear your RAM before you start it. I recommend you have at least a TI-83+SE for this game
Gameplay: 8/10 Solid. Tournament mode is fun for extended periods.
Overall: 7/10 Amazing for a TI-83+. Only the lack of link support is disappointing.

Review by  Brian Gordon
Reviewed on 2004-01-25
I have mixed feelings about this game. It is an incredible game that's very fun with tons of play options and characters. However, each of the character files are large, with most of them needed to play in Tournament mode. That, plus the sheer size of the game itself, takes up most of your archive space. Also, after awhile, the Tourney mode stopped working and K2k regularly crashed.

I wholeheartedly reccommend this game to play, but not to keep.

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