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Review by  TI Freakware
Reviewed on 2008-06-17
Originality - 7/10

Functionability - 14/15

Graphics - 5/5

Titlescreen/intro - 5/5

Readme - 12/15

Replayability - 9/10

Bonus - 5/0

TOTAL - 57/60

TiCalc - 10/10

Asteroids is a fun game where you fly your space ship around and blow up asteroids of different sizes and configurations. This version is one of the better asteroid clones I've seen for the calculator, with high graphical detail and polish, many different kinds of enemies, a shop to buy upgrades for your ship, 3 different difficulties, and even an animated background.

However, the physics didn't quite hit the spot. If the physics were fixed to emulate real space movement, instead of driving like a car on ice, then this would be one of my favorite Asteroids clones. But that's a minor problem and doesn't affect the playability of the game.

Review by  Jonathan Katz
Reviewed on 2004-03-30
Note! This review was written for a previous version of this file!

If you like the classic Asteroids, then you definitely should download David Coz's version. And even if you never played the original Asteroids, you should still definitely download this game. The plot is pretty simple: blow up all objects on the screen with a little ship that you fly around in. Your ship is in a wrap-around space environment, and though it doesn't follow true inertia in space (The ship slows down when you stop hitting the accelerator), that doesn't really matter because the gameplay is simply amazing. Certain asteroids, when destroyed, drop cash, which in turn can be used to buy weapons, new ships, or special items that are equipped to the "Up" key on the calculator, such as shields or special bombs.

Coz's Asteroids has high-quality, smooth, graphics that run very quickly. Both files you download (But not the save file that's created) can be archived, so memory is not too big of an issue. Overall, the game is very well done. There are a few bugs, such as the calculator sometimes turning off when you obtain a high score, and it would be nice if the program, upon getting a "Game Over" would return you to the main menu as opposed to exiting the program, but otherwise, the game is very well done. If you are looking for an action game with a lot of replayability, then Asteroids is one game that you definitely should have.

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