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Review by  scott delaney
Reviewed on 2006-03-25
You may not be able to tell by the screen shot, but this early version of "Phoenix" features very nicely done grayscale graphics. The controls are nice, and even when the game is paused, you can see the grayscale. I have three complaints, though.

First, the built-in level is way too easy. Second, it doesn't support external levels. If this version supported external levels, I would like it better than the newer versions.

My third complaint is that the weapons are not well thought out. The first weapon is relatively weak, then the very next weapon kills most everything (including bosses) in about 2 or 3 hits. The last weapon (in my opinion) is worse than the second.

Other than those three things, this game is flawless:
Graphics: 10/10 nice grayscale
Speed: 10/10 perfect
Gameplay: 7/10 as mentioned above, there are flaws
Overall: 8.5/10 would be the best "Phoenix" version if it supported external levels.

Review by  aaron barnhart
Reviewed on 2004-02-21
Patrick Davidson, this review is for you. We all love the Phoenix series, and this game proved to be what we TI 83+ owners have been waiting for. This is an awesome Phoenix game that takes a new and far better approach to Phoenix. To start with you are given health points and for killing enemies you might get better weapons and more health. As you go through the game you encounter lots of boss ships, and this game is very good with the enemies. However it is only a "demo" as it is called and the game repeats itself A LOT. PLEASE FINISH THIS GAME PATRICK! DON'T LEAVE US TI 83+ OWNERS BEHIND (I've seen the Phoenix games on TI 86 now and I'm ticked off).

10/10 Now finish this game up!

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