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Review by  halen weldon
Reviewed on 2005-10-03
“Chess v1.0” is a waste of time to download for many reasons. Mainly, there is no AI in this game, which means you have to play yourself or a friend on the same calculator, which is boring. The game is good in at least one way because the pieces are nice, but it at first is hard to distinguish from the individual pieces.

Final score: 2/10

Review by  Lewk Of Serthic
Reviewed on 2004-05-03
For all of you chess lovers out there, this program is a must have! Although it is slightly difficult to distinguish the pieces, you become accustomed to them after a while. The AI isn't that bad either: it beats me about as much as I beat it (though I must admit that I'm not on the chess team or anything). The cursor is easy to use and doesn't require any sort of skill to manipulate at all. If you love chess, or just find your Algebra II class a little easy and boring, then this game is a must have!

Overall: 9/10 (Better graphics would be nice).

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