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Review by  Gabriel Rath
Reviewed on 2006-12-21
Wow! This game is so far the best (and only) Asteroids clone I have seen! Graphics are awesome and speed is satisfactory. However, it does get a little repetitive after a while.

Controls: 10/10 Easy to use.

Graphics: 10/10 Could not get any better for Asteroids.

Gameplay: 8/10 Challenging in the beginning, but you are basically invincible after you get these four upgrades: rapid fire, double shot, 16 bullets, and fast turning. I went to level 51 before I finally realized there was no point in playing any more.

Replayability: 9/10 Three difficulty levels, two modes of play, although in the enchanced mode, you are basically invincible after 4 specific upgrades (see more above).

Size: 10/10 3k, what more can you ask for?

Overall: 9.4/10 Almost perfect. This game is one of the best and I hope the author continues coding for this game.

Review by  John Baima
Reviewed on 2006-06-11
10/10. This game is ultimately awesome; overall a great job. I personally much prefer the more "enhanced" mode vs. the classic one. Of course, once you get all the in-game upgrades, you're essentially invincible by holding down [2nd] and [LEFT] or [RIGHT], but you have to work your way up to there. And if that's not challenging enough, you can change your difficulty. Thumbs way up.

Review by  Person Dude
Reviewed on 2006-02-17
This is, by far, the single best “Asteroids” game I have ever seen for a 83-84 calc. The graphics are superb, and the two-type gameplay is awesome. It is my favorite game. I don't think I will ever get rid of it. Anyone interested in this game should download it.

Review by  Jonathan Martin
Reviewed on 2005-11-07
This is the best “Asteroids” game for the TI. It has two different modes, classic and advanced. I thought it was cool just to have more than one mode. The classic mode is just regular “Asteroids”, nothing different, but still fun. The advanced mode is the mode where you buy parts for your ship. It is like a campaign except it’s against asteroids.

Controls-10/10 Simple, Obvious
Memory-9/10 Normal
Usage-10/10 Really fun
Overall-10/10 This is a really fun asteroids game.

Review by  Keith Novak
Reviewed on 2005-10-14
I can see there are already many reviews for this game but I just have to get my word in. This is by far the best “Asteroids” game for the TI-83+! I'm also on the 250th level but I’m still enjoying this game believe it or not, and I think my money reset because it got over 100k and then started over.

I really like the fact that you can play the classic version and the advanced version.

Graphics 8/10

Gameplay 9/10

Replayability 9/10

For future versions:

-Alien ships?

-Either put in even more upgrades or make the current ones harder to get

-The levels need to get harder later in the game; they are starting to seem the same and it's getting repetitive.

Review by  Stephen Armbruster
Reviewed on 2004-11-04
First off, “Asteroids” is a great game. It is good for a math class, or whenever you are bored. The gameplay is very addicting, and the power-ups are cool. The only real problem I have with this game is that if you get a lot of money in the beginning to buy power-ups, you will be able to dominate for many of the remaining levels, which can get repetitive. Also, the levels don't increase in difficulty enough, so it can get boring. But, this game is worth a download and definitely one of the better games for the 83+.

Review by  Stephen Wang
Reviewed on 2004-03-31
This is a must-have for your TI-83+/SE calculator! A near-perfect emulation of the classic Asteroids game, this has a few twists - i.e. money to buy items Phoenix-style at the end of each level. Realistic space movement (your ship keeps going in the zero gravity of space) and great graphics make this a game you must keep! The biggest problem, however, was that it starts getting...repetitive as you get double shot, auto-fire, strong armor, and all that good stuff; but do you really want to sit around all day holding down [2nd] and watching asteroids blow up?

Review by  aaron barnhart
Reviewed on 2004-03-01
Asteroids is one of those games that gets more credit than it should. I give the guy credit for remaking the classic and adding weapons and stuff, but if you don't buy the Retro Burner on level 2 you can't slow down, and all you do is constantly run into things. Once you manage to pass 15 levels or so you will have bought every item in the game and its just a matter of time before you open your eyes and realize this game gets repetitive.


Review by  Dan Rice
Reviewed on 2004-02-28
Great game, though if you are good and get all the stuff in the shop it gets boring really fast. You simply spin around and kill dozens of asteroids. I think I got to level 250 and finally just killed myself because I was so board.

Awesome game in general though.

Overall Rating 7/10

Review by  Matt M
Reviewed on 2004-01-27
Very few calculator games can even begin to imitate an arcade game. Asteroids accomplishes this, and much more. Not only is Asteroids an impressive game, it is also an EXTREMELY good emulation of the Asteroids arcade game.

Asteroids' graphics are some of the best I've seen. They stay true to the arcade game and they are concise and sharp, without wasting a lot of memory. The actual "asteroids" in the game look like real asteroids and the items you can pick up (money symbols, hearts, etc.) are very relevant to their cause.

This game is very playable. I was impressed by the game's options, which include difficulty settings and a choice between a regular game or an enhanced version of the game. Asteroids is very user-friendly and encourages the user to continue playing the game thanks to a list of high scores.

Once you download this game, I guarantee you will keep it on your calculator AT LEAST a month. Its been on mine for at least that now, and I'm certainly not planning on taking it off. You will want to play this game again and again. It's just a very addictive game.

Now, there are some problems. The controls are a little hard to get used to at first and the levels get monotonous after awhile. Other than that, though, the level interface, the title screen, and the shop interface are all beautiful.

Asteroids is a truly amazing game. It is well coded, well drawn, and well planned. Very few calculator games, based on arcade games or console/PC games are ever as well done or popular as this. I highly recommend this game and urge you to download it!

"Asteroids" gets an 8/10! :)

Review by  Brian Gordon
Reviewed on 2004-01-25
In short: this game is a keeper. Small file size and classic gameplay make for a great game. This version of Asteroids goes ridiculously in-depth with customizing your ship. Cash collection is done a la Phoenix, with money pickups dropped from destroyed asteroids. At the end of each level is a shop, in which you can buy power-ups. You can get shields, wide-spread weapons, rapid-fire weapons, faster engines, and even retro burners, which stop your ship when you release the acceleration button.

All this, plus random gameplay (of course), can make for a pretty exciting rise to the top. This is the fun, and hard, part. Once you have all the upgrades, however, all you have to do is hold down the fire key and spin around.

All things considered, this is definitely a game on my top ten list, and certainly worth keeping on your calc.

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