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Review by  Tony Ramirez
Reviewed on 2005-11-17
“Uncle Worm” is pretty fun and is small enough to download to almost any sized memory, but it gets pretty boring after a while. It starts off with a little worm on the bottom. Each time you eat, you nearly double in size. When you reach 60, I think, you go to another level, smaller then the first. By the third level, its not skill, but luck, as the controls often overshoot or don't turn in time. The worms size is a little unrealistic, but it does leave the desire to beat your previous high score.

Controls 5/10
Graphics 8/10
Fun 9/10
Size 10/10

Review by  Jonathan Martin
Reviewed on 2005-11-08
“Uncle Worm” is a modification of the classical game. But this game has some extra stuff that other versions don’t, like the fact that you can move in circles with your worm. And there are different stages. (Well maybe not that one.) And the little worm food is different sizes so it is harder to get it. But the objective is still the same. If you want a classic, get this game.

Controls-8/10 Sometimes difficult
Memory-9/10 Good, small
Usage-10/10 Fun and sort of original
Overall-9/10 Try it!

Review by  Rodney Blythe
Reviewed on 2004-05-25
Overall Rating-8/10 Great
Gameplay-7/10 Great
Graphics-8/10 Great
Speed-9/10 Superb
“Uncle Worm” is rather different to say the least. It is not your average “worm” game. The controls are rather different: you move the worm in a radial pattern instead of a linear one. The target circles become different sizes so they are not always that easy to get. The speed is wonderful and graphics aren't that bad. Unfortunately “Uncle Worm,” like so many other “worm” games, is repetitive and leaves you with no option but to run into circles. I am not really a “nibbles/worm” fan, so try it, and maybe you will enjoy this game. Have fun and Happy Downloading!

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