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Review by  Bob Bob
Reviewed on 2009-06-02
ZTris was the first Tetris colone I got on my calculator that actually worked. It's... well... tetris.

There are a few things that I'd like to mention, however.

There is no holding (yeah call me a wuss, but holding is really useful sometimes especially when you're going on an epic rampage during class)

The pieces are solid black, which annoys me. Sometimes you can't tell how many squares across something is.

Controls, calculator wise, are excellent-- the only problem is that most other platforms use up as drop and A or B for rotation. Whenever I play on any other platform I get screwed over for the first few rounds becase I'm too used to these controls.

Otherwise (besides the lack of ghost pieces, which I won't go on about since i don't even know how you could do taht on a calc), its a pretty good, faithful clone with no bugs, 100% user friendly, and blahblah blah


Review by  Kuro Ichigo Neko
Reviewed on 2006-09-20
This is simply the best Tetris clone I've ever seen. It is pretty much exactly like the Gameboy version - pure, unadulterated Tetris goodness.

Features for increasing speed, an option for a height handicap, and anything else you would expect from a proper Tetris game are all included. The great 2-player mode includes line penalties if your opponent clears multiple lines, which can be changed on the main page from scrambled or linear. It also has a basic height meter, so you can know roughly how your opponent is doing.

The interface is clean, polished, and well spaced out. What I found pretty neat was that after a certain amount of lines cleared, you don't only raise a level of difficulty, but also the stage background changes. The only real complaint I'd have is about the block graphics being pure black. Sometimes it can be hard to judge distances since the squares can't be distinguished, especially at high speeds. Also, at a quick glance, some pieces look similar and can throw you off. This is a little nit-picky, though.

Controls are one of the biggest reasons why this is a great version of Tetris. "Ztris" has everything you may need, two-way rotation, movement, instant drop, pause, and quit (plus MirageOS's functions such as returning to the games menu, exiting it all, or turning off the calculator completely) all of which are quite intuitive, even if you don't believe in reading readmes. Especially at higher speeds, the difference between a single flip and 3 can make a lot of difference, as well as "skill" flips in tight spaces which require the right direction.

Overall, I'd give "Ztris" an 11/10, for simply being way too awesome. This will be on my calculator until the plastic warps, rusts, and rots.

Gameplay- 10
Graphics- 9
Controls- 10

Review by  Alex LeFevre
Reviewed on 2004-11-18
“Tetris” has always been a favorite game of mine. I play it all too often for my good old NES. “ZTris” captures the same feel of the game, but without the 8-bit music. I enjoy the two player options the most. I haven't had a problem with it at all. Here is an overview:
- Gameplay - It's “Tetris,” fast for the addicts, slow for the "newbs." Keeps you addicted. 5/5

- Graphics - Not much more could be done without it just getting in the way. The author keeps the interface simple and to the point. 5/5

- Replayability - This really depend on your level of "excitement" towards “Tetris.” I enjoy it time and time again, but some may find it a little repetitive after a while. 4/5

- Overall - “ZTris” is a great game and very size efficient. Brilliant two player mode that keeps you locked in combat for hours. This is a must download for anyone who loves “Tetris,” and for anyone who wonders what the fuss is all about.
[|||||||||||||| ] (14/15)

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