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Review by  Simon Schaak
Reviewed on 2006-02-12
“Plasma” is a very nice and small shell; it is Ion-compatible, it looks good, you can access more games than with other shells.

But there seems to be a problem with saving informations of the games, e.g. high scores, save&exit. Also, you can't reinstall it after a "Ram Clear" without a computer or a second calc. A package out of which you can reinstall Plasma would be very good.

Because of these two problems, Plasma gets 8/10; otherwise I would vote 10/10.

Review by  Alex Barna
Reviewed on 2005-03-17
This program is an ok program that you would seem to have. Although it's much smaller then Mirage OS, I still prefer Mirage. “Plasma” is good because you don't have to Garbage Collect after some games but “Plasma” isn't compatible with some programs that are with Mirage. Plasma also has a basic setup and shows you the program's details, which is nice, because it's easy to read what game/program you want. But Mirage also can do that with a GUI plugin. Overall I rate Plasma a 7/10. Try it for yourself and decide if you would go using this shell.

Review by  Travis Fischer
Reviewed on 2004-05-27
This is definitely my favorite 83+ assembly shell! You don't have to deal with the garbage collecting which is so frequent with other shells. With the limited space available on calcs, having a short, compact launcher with only the best necessary features is a must, and the “Plasma” shell delivers that in full. This program interface is also very user friendly and easy to operate. All in all, I would rate this shell a perfect 10/10. Download this great shell now :)

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