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Review by  Ross Palmer
Reviewed on 2004-11-22
Suitability: 9/10 A nice graphical shell!
Ease-Of-Use: 7/10 The keys can be a bit confusing.
Overall: 8/10 Great shell with few flaws.

Rascall v.9 by Matthew Shepcar is a shell that few should go without on their calculator. Some of the many features that are included in this shell are: the ability to place programs in five separate folders, (which can be renamed), the extra hidden folder to keep programs away from teachers, a nice password protection system and power down, also, the 85 emulation is a great feature that allows you to run TI-85 programs from your TI-86. Furthermore, it has an on-calculator help section to help you with the keys, It has the capacity to lock/unlock your memory so that it can't be deleted, it supports contrast changing as well.

Despite all these great features, there is somewhat of a downside. The keys are pretty straight-forward, however, it will probably take a few glimpses to the help section before you can memorize them. The graphics are nice and it has a user friendly interface.

All in all, this is a nice shell that has a nice interface, great features, and a good feel to it.

Review by  Morgan Davies
Reviewed on 2004-04-09
Once I discovered this shell for the 86, I have never had another shell on my calculator. This has everything I have ever needed from a shell and more. I will attempt and fill in where the description didn't. It comes packed with a basic launcher for easy use for the novice user. Its features: multiple page scrolling, four folders and one extra hidden folder for hiding any programs you don't wish others to see. The folders are also renameable. It also shows the header string for any asm file, how much free RAM is available, password protection when you turn on the calculator if you turned it off from the shell, shut down (teacher) key, lock/unlock your memory (so nobody can delete any programs you don't want them to), contrast adjustment, capital letters if programs aren’t already capitalized, and TI-85 Emulation.

Not only that, but it is very easy to use and even has a nice look to it. “Rascall” is perfect for any user. It is a little large (4k), but that's not too bad. I couldn't ask for more out of a shell. In all fair warning, every once in a blue moon when I quit, “Rascall” it will freeze up my calculator. Now before you pass judgment, it doesn't reset your memory. Once your calculator is turned back on, everything will be working again, except you should probably delete “Rascall” and place a fresh copy on your calculator. This only happens when your batteries are running low and you have little free memory available. So, if you stay away from both those circumstances, you will be fine. Despite that little flaw, I still recommend this shell over any other shell for the 86. It’s that good! Simply amazing, Matthew. In fact, I highly recommend anything written by Matthey Shepcar.

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