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Review by  George Zhao
Reviewed on 2005-09-18
Yes, I have tried this stopwatch. I will say that this is the best stopwatch if you want point-on accuracy.

However, especially for 84+ or 84+ SE, you can make a stopwatch for less than 100K but not as accurate. Unless you have nothing on your calculator, I wouldn't use over 16000K of archive for a stopwatch.

Graphics: 10/10 (perfect)
Accuracy: 10/10 (the most accurate stopwatch I've ever seen)
Functions and uses: 9/10 (you can't start and stop while doing other things with your calculator)
Misc: 5/10 not size-optimized
Overall: 8/10 not bad

Review by  Michael White
Reviewed on 2005-09-07
This is a great application. The controls are intuitive; using the function keys, it has all the functions of a standard stopwatch. The numbers are nice and big, there is no noticable inaccuracy in time, and you can even change the speed.

Overall: 9/10.

Review by  Ian Goth
Reviewed on 2004-06-02
This is probably the best stopwatch program for 83+ that I have seen, having not verified its accuracy. The display looks just like a handheld stopwatch, and it has a "lap" button (though it is labeled "disp" in this app). The only downside, and it's a fairly big one, is that this program is apparently not nearly large enough to fill an app slot (the .8xk file on the computer is 6319 bytes, and the .8xk file is always much larger on the computer than the calculator file is). If this program were to be recompiled as a RAM program, I would say that it is a must download, but since it was written as an app, I would recommend it only if you have lots of free Flash ROM.

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