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Review by  Andy Patterson
Reviewed on 2004-03-20
This is possibly the most amazing game I have played on my calc. The graphics are incredible- they look like they are straight from the original MegaMan game. There are at least 8 different kinds of enemies, each animated. Each little effect- from the particles when you blow up to the shock you receive when an enemy attacks, is simulated here.

There are a few small points in this game, however. Unfortunately, due to its massive size and the fact that it is in 4-level grayscale, it is slow. Not too slow to be playable, but still, somewhat annoying at times. Also, the levels are very short. Further, you cannot shoot a charge shot, as in the original game. However, this game is incredible when paired with about any other game out there (particularly MegaMan83). If you have an 86- DOWNLOAD this game.

Rating- 9/10

Review by  Thomas Williamson
Reviewed on 2004-02-12
Like most calculator games, this game has its ups and its downs. Just to be on the bright side, let's start with the ups.

First off the graphics are amazing. Cullen did a wonderful job of incorporating the original NES graphics into a 86. The game is also complete. Which is kinda cool and rare.

Well, the ups was a short list. Now for the downs. This game is slow. More than two enemies on the screen makes it seem like the calculator is attempting to determine 999^999 exactly for fun. This can be a horrible down. The bosses are fun though (maybe I should have put that in the ups list). The memory is insane (he also claims somewhere, the location I cannot recall, that this is the largest TI-86 game ever made, which is wrong of course) and the combination of horrible size and speed (both of which are the two things most important on a calculator game) gives this game a 7/10.

Try it out on your calc, but I guarantee you it won't stay on more than a week.

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