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Review by  Donald Straney
Reviewed on 2004-12-06
After playing all the other "kill the frog" games in this folder, I've decided that “Frogger 86” is definitely the best. It does get boring after playing it for awhile, but it still lasts longer than many other games I've known. The multiple modes of play aren't that different, but make it a little more interesting, and as you move to higher levels, the cars don't just get faster - more lines of cars appear, you climb on top of buses, you have to cross moving logs in a stream, etc.

The graphics are also very good, with realistic cars and heavy use of grayscale. The frog could use some improvement, since the same sprite is used no matter what direction it's moving, but that doesn't really matter compared to playability and other considerations.

I have no complaints about the controls; they're very responsive and everything that they should be. The "advance" and "retreat" keys ([2nd] and [Alpha]) are operated by the left hand, leaving the right hand free for moving the frog to the right and left, but the Up and Down keys can also be used for those who prefer using one hand.

Altogether, this game is well-written and definitely worth a try for anyone (I rated it 9 out of 10).

Review by  Morgan Davies
Reviewed on 2004-03-27
Its frog-o-lishish!! It's actually quite amazing how much fun classic games are. This is no exception. As much as I have played this program I am shocked that I have never encountered a single glitch. It has grayscale, which is a must in such a game that is so picture driven. The little cars and trains are very good quality for their size and the frog is oh so cute :-)

The scrolling is very smooth and the program has three different speed settings, which adds to the amount of game play tremendously! There are many levels so much in fact that I have actually never beaten the game! It has always kept me coming back for just as much as I was willing to okay calculator games. There are three different play modes including an adventure mode which you play until you die. There is the normal mode and a survival mode where you are given around 50 lives to start with.

Overall, a great classic that will provide many hours of game play.

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