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Review by  Brian Clymer
Reviewed on 2006-06-06
“TicTacToe with AI”, although the AI is extremely easy to beat, when I go first, I've already won the game, and when he goes first it's a cat. And the unknown author of this program isn't really the author. The exact coding for this, title screen and all, is from a tutorial on this site. In all, it's a fun (but easy) game.

Review by  John Hardeskey
Reviewed on 2005-01-06
This is very good for a first ASM program, but the AI in this “Tic-Tac-Toe” game is too strong. I don't remember winning once against it (or it against me). This affects its replay value and its degree of fun. Future versions of this program should be more balanced, i.e. having the board in the middle of the screen and an easier AI (eg. first AI move can be random). You can also have normal and hard modes if you would like to keep this current AI.

Gameplay - 8/10 (Usual “Tic-Tac-Toe,” but AI is too hard)
Fun - 6/10 (AI too hard)
Replay value - 4/10 (Gets boring quickly)
Graphics - 7/10 (Board could be centered and try not to use the OS's default font for everything)
Overall - 7/10

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