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Review by  Mohammad Shamas-Din
Reviewed on 2004-12-18
“Dots v1.0” is a very simple, but addicting game that will surely keep you busy for some while. The purpose of this game is pretty much straight forward: you have to connect adjacent dots either by drawing a horizontal or a vertical line in between them in order to complete the square. If you somehow manage to get a square you get an extra turn and so on. The player who manages to end up with the highest number of squares automatically wins the game. Also, this program is very easy to operate and install/uninstall and will not give you a headache.

“Dots v1.0” is fine for multiple players, but unfortunately the same cannot be said to the computer vs. human option. The computer AI is very poorly written and it's nowhere near to being a challenge, I can beat it without breaking a sweat even if I was distracted. The author of this program should improve the computer AI because it's very easy to win and you will get bored quickly (I got bored after I won 16/0 for six straight games).

As a result, I recommend this program to users to wish to use the multiplayer option, since the AI option is just a total waste of time unless you’re playing this game for the first time in your life. Overall, this program is good if you want to play dots with a friend, but not if you want to play alone with the calculator since the AI play is simply ridiculous. I give this program a 6/10.

Review by  Michael N
Reviewed on 2004-04-06
This game is a well-written game. It crams quite a bit into such a small space. It's basically the classic game where you have a 6x6 grid of dots, and you draw a horizontal or vertical line between adjacent dots attempting to COMPLETE the squares. Whoever has the most squares after they've all been filled in wins. Also, if you fill in a square you get another turn to go.

This is a good multiplayer game because it's simple and it's really not one of those games you want to play over the link cable because it would be more of a hassle to do so. The computer AI is also very good, and may take a little while to develop your strategy and beat it. Another thing that I've done is try to do things not part of the main objective of the game, but nonetheless fun. You can try getting the computer to win every square and you win none (which isn't as easy as it sounds), try to keep the computer from getting any, seeing how many boxes you can get in a row, or just it like you would normally.

This game is pretty addicting and will keep you occupied for a while. I give it an 8/10

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