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Review by  joe Kendrick
Reviewed on 2006-01-14
“War of the Arthropods” is a classic RPG - with the exception that you are a spider. There are several missions you have to beat, most of the involving a classic dungeon (usually an anthill). The gameplay is fairly standard- you move around, there are NPC’s you can talk to, and random encounters. In combat you can either attack, use a move, or use an item. However, there is a certain feel to the game, most likely because you are a bug, that makes it very fun to play.

Gameplay- 10/10 smooth
Graphics- 10/10 detailed, very nice
Speed- 10/10 you wouldn't believe it's BASIC
Repetition- 10/10 this game is not in the least bit repetitive
Overall- 10/10 a must download for RPG fans

Review by  Andrew Moffitt
Reviewed on 2005-10-09

Graphics: 10/10 Superb graphics for BASIC

Gameplay: 9/10 Grammar errors; Difficult game

Concept: 10/10 An RPG with insects is more interesting and fun than you'd think

Memory: 8/10 Has about 174 files!

Game Value: 10/10 Lovely game!


Everyone loves a good RPG. But why go out and spend $50 for a game when you have War of the Arthropods? Seriously, this game is highly entertaining, extremely difficult, and has all of the core values of a good RPG. A gameplay flaw however, is after you beat the “Max Lobster” (final boss) the game quits. I fixed up the program so I can still explore the game afterwards. Also, I find it annoying that enemies with Dive can repeatedly use it without giving you a turn. You can do the same with Super Jump, but you need to be a high level to get that move, and since it uses 15 AP, the number of times you can use it repeatedly is very low.

Review by  Nathan Dykhuis
Reviewed on 2004-07-17
“War of the Arthropods” is a not-so-classic adventure game for the 89. You are a spider, and you must complete military missions for your general. The game plays just like a standard adventure game: you can upgrade weapons (fangs), get credits when you kill things, fight bosses, learn special moves, and use items. However, the bug/arthropod theme makes this game unique. It's different to fight ants, earthworms and roly-polys, though just as much fun. The gameplay is quite quick, for a BASIC game, and the graphics are good. The game lasts for hours, without being repetitive. The controls are easy, and help messages are abundant. The only problem is the number of files: there almost 200. Other than that, this is an extremely good game.

Note- it is also Titanium compatible.

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