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Review by  C B
Reviewed on 2007-07-12
When I was first learning Z80 ASM, it was a big hassle with all of the batch files and DOS commands and whatnot you had to create, organize, and check if you wanted to assemble a program. I had no idea what batch files were, and was quite irritated with the inability to assemble programs until I understood batch file creation.

With Assembly Studio, this hassle was gone. I have used the software for a brief time, but I switched back to TASM after I figured out how to use it. I must say it looks and feels a lot like Dev C++, only with the ability to allow you to edit sprites and graphics easily.

It has tons of features that allow you to easily find and correct errors, and it colorizes everything so you know what's what and what it does. The only real complaint I have about it is that the code editting window completly strokes out on me if I select the sprite edit window in a certain order, but that is probably my computer, not the program itself.

Overall: 9/10

I will probably write all of my games in the future with this program.

Review by  Chris Oliver
Reviewed on 2004-11-22
“Assembly Studio” is awesome! This is the only program that I use to write and compile my 83+/84+ ASM programs. The only catch to it is that the equates must be the exact case (ex: if this was equated, pencol .equ xxxx, and if you typed in “PenCol” instead, it would create an error), but that only took me like 4 hours to figure out...

Interface - 10/10 Lightning fast color syntax
Graphics - 10/10 Nice and easy to use, sprite editor, very handy ;)
Fun Factor - 10/10 Who doesn't like programming?
Overall - 10/10 The best compiler for a z80 calculator!

Review by  Morgan Davies
Reviewed on 2004-03-24
This is quite possible the best assembler for the 86 I have ever used. I know that it was intended for more than the 86, however I do not have experience in using it for other calculators. So in regards to it's 86 assembly compiler, it's perfect.

While writing your code it will color orient it, which makes it very simple to tell which parts of the code are for what. If any errors exist in the code it will tell you exactly what the errors are and, once you attempt compiling it, which lines they are on. To make that part easier, as you scroll up and down the code it displays the line number you are on.

There is a hex listing, a code counter, sprite editor and several other features that make this program very simple to use. For example you can compile a program by simply pressing F7. That sure beats some other methods I have seen for other assemblers, specifically 83+ compilers. There is also a symbol table which lists probably every kind of 'call' you could do.

All in all this program is very user friendly and I can't think of anything I would change about it to make it better. If you are wanting to learn ASM, this program will not help you, however it will take out that effort you need to learn on how to get the program compiled. Like I said...with the touch of a button all the errors (if any) will be shown to you and if not the program will be compiled and ready to be sent to the calculator.

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