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Review by  nick bugaev
Reviewed on 2009-12-26
Gameplay- Pretty repetitive levels and bosses. The password system does add things to it but I don't really see any use to it. I beat this game in 10 minutes on my first try and expected a challenge. 4/10

Memory- WAY TOO LARGE! But you get what you pay for, or so they say. 1/10

Creativity- side-scroller...nothing new here. The bosses do add some creativity to it but they need well thought out names. I can't imagine someone like MilkMan to be a bad guy! 3/10

File- Includes some good screenshots with a well written out readme. 9/10

Graphics- Slow scrolling and repetitive blocks. 3/10

Controls- User friendly controls. 9/10

Overall- Nothing new here. I'd think twice about getting these kinds of games. It did keep me company during some classes but I kept wishing for something more. Kind of got me frustrated that the secret weapon was so hard. I tried almost everything. 3/10


  • An animation instead of a long story.
  • Maybe have a chat with the bosses before you fight them.
  • Adapt the level to the boss you are fighting—cow farm for MilkMan, Police station for PoliceMan.


Review by  drew notteling
Reviewed on 2007-11-21
I'm going way out of the ordinary on this. I'm giving it a rave review. Sure, it was easy, but it's hell of addicting. I gave it to my friend, he beat it five times in two days. It's a very interesting system, I always loved the get new abilities thing, and very creative, but it really needs enemies and levels. I'd give it a 7.25/10.

Review by  David Tao
Reviewed on 2005-03-26
“MegaMan 83” is yet another ASM port for the 83+ that completely lacks originality, as do many other ports of old games onto the 83+. But at least they were good and didn't take too much memory (I know, Super Mario's kinda pushing the line there). But this game is one of the worst wannabe games that I have ever seen. Speed is less than optimum, as are graphics and memory consumption. In many cases, it takes an infinite amount of time to load, and in most cases, it doesn't work at all. Not very good.

Speed: 1/10 (Slow game)
Graphics: 1/10 (grainy, plus they meld together and look bad when MegaMan is moving, even if you're using an 84+ SE)
Memory consumption: 1/10 (way too big)
Overall: 1/10 (This rating is really pushing it)

Review by  Stephen Wang
Reviewed on 2004-03-17
I have nothing against Paul Marks - some of his other programs out there are quite good - but this "Megaman 83(+)" is really unique.

"Unique" as in...uhh...different. You probably already get the picture from reading the other reviews here.

As the owner of several Megaman games, after playing this one, it seemed like a bowl of cold oatmeal to an al-you-can-eat buffet. The only intriguing thing was the so-called "secret weapon", which turns out to be...well, I won't spoil it...find out yourself, but it wont be much fun...

This game does have one merit - the interesting password system, but its so large - 18k of useless game - that it's not worth a download, especially if you are an 83+ owner that has only 150k or so on his/her calc.

So if anyone out there is planning on copying any well-known video games, please, do a good job on it and make sure it's accurate, or just leave it to Capcom, GameFreak, Nintendo, or whatever game makers there are out there.....

Review by  tay dawg
Reviewed on 2004-02-27
Its, interesting. Not exactly what I expected at first play. Yes the graphics are kinda repetitive, as well as the boss fights. its too simple, and where is Megaman's arsenal of cool tricks? nEeD eNeMiEs! The final boss is, well...dull, its just plain simple. But it DOES have some good to it tho.

Review by  George Wellman
Reviewed on 2004-02-24
This game is a small attempt to be something it's not.

It is a far cry from the MegaMan we all know and love, or the excellent adaptation on the 86. It is rather a game with mediocre graphics, enemies and bosses that do not even pretend to be the enemies and bosses from the MegaMan series, and extremely repetitive gameplay.

The sprite design isn't awful, though I'd expect better. One of the things seriously degrading the graphics I that only a single tile is used in tilemapping, creating very repetitive graphics.

The are only two kinds of enemies, both very easy to defeat, and only barely resembling MegaMan's usual enemies. The only parts of the game with even a little skill required are the bosses.

The bosses are given titles like "Milk Man" and "Police Man" rather than our beloved Mega Man bosses. The final boss is supposedly a robot with an 83+ for a brain. Why is he so easy to beat? Well, his brain only has an 8mhz processor, just like our wonderful calculators! Wonderful as calculators and pseudo-gameboys, but not all that useful as robot brains. But I'm not bashing the author's creativity. I am not such a hardcore MM fan as to dislike new bosses. But couldn't they be a little more serious and a little more difficult to defeat?

MegaMan is a game many know and love, and wish they had it on their calculators. That explains why this is the most downloaded file in its section. But don't be mislead by the self-congratulatory readme. This game isn't worth downloading unless you want a good cry, as you remind yourself what MegaMan 83 could have (and in the hands of a decent author still could be) been.

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