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Review by  tyler branch
Reviewed on 2005-10-10
"Sqrxz" is a great platform game for the TI-83+. The engine is relatively small for a game of such quality, and the external editor allows for the user base to extend the lifetime of the game by providing a greater amount of variation than would be available had the game had limited level sets built in.

The game is extremely fast and some of the animations are well done. The graphics are extremely good for their tilesize. The built in levels are challenging; there is one area in the first level where you have to quickly trap a monster before you can proceed via the bottom route. It took me a couple times to figure that one out.

The actual distance away from an enemy before an enemy kills you is a little too large, but not anything that really affects the gameplay too much.

Graphics 10/10

Gameplay 9/10

Overall 10/10

Review by  John Wyrwas
Reviewed on 2004-11-22
Attention span: 9/10 Included levels are difficult.
Controls: 8/10 Hard to jump accurately.
Implementation: 7/10 Blurry graphics.
Overall: 9/10 Not quite Mario, but very fun.

Sqrxz's style of gameplay can be accurately compared to the original Mario. Your character is a bug, but most of the graphics look terrible and are hard to distinquish. Basically, if all the graphics were replaced, the game would be Mario without any pipes or character upgrades.

The included levels with the game are extremely difficult to beat, I would have liked to have at least the first one as a "training level". But, you can create your own levels using the included graphical level editor, and download a huge assortment from this site.

I managed to find a bug in selecting an external level. If you store them in the archive, the game will only play the last one it detects, no matter how many you have. Store your levels only in RAM to correct this problem.

Accuracy in jumping and moving close to enemies tends to kill you for no reason, and this makes it hard to perform precision jumps over obstacles.

Overall, I would say Sqrxz is one of the best games written for MirageOS/Ion. The score I gave it is a little high, due to the amount of work that has been put into this game. It has been around on the 83 for a while (there was an error in the news announcement that this was ported from the 86 version). Let's hope they manage to port Mario soon, since it will have the nostalgic value, AND the gameplay.

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