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Review by  Ian Goth
Reviewed on 2004-06-02
In the previous review by Alex Grant, states that "with this program, which is always running in the background, you simply press the Alpha button twice to get lowercase." While it is true that this program allows the use of lower case letters like Grant describes, it does not "run in the background." Actually, the program sets a flag (a bit in RAM that the calculator sets aside to check the status of something) that tells it to use lowercase letters. It's really stupid that the 83+ did not come with a way to turn lowercase letters on from the OS, so a program like this is necessary to turn them on. This particular program is not a good choice, however, because it is much larger than it needs to be, because lowercase letters can be turned on with a 5 byte program (with no GUI of course), not including the VAT entry (the name and some other info), and turned off with a program that is the same size. “LowerCase” is not well optimized and is far too large for what it does, especially with “MirageOS,” which can turn on lowercase letters, and you probably have that already.

Overall, this program is a waste of RAM, but if you do not have “MirageOS” or another program that can turn on lowercase letters (which you might have, even if you don't know it), you could download this program and delete it after the first run.

Review by  Alex Grant
Reviewed on 2004-02-02
This is by far the best lowercase program for the TI-83+. It's simple, easy to use, and with a size of less than 1K, you can't go wrong. Other lowercase programs require you to run the program every time you want to toggle lowercase letters. What a pain! With this program, which is always running in the background, you simply press the Alpha button twice to get lowercase. At any time you can disable the functionality entirely by running the program and choosing 2; turn it back on by selecting 1. Note that you must run the "B" program and not the other one.

Pressing Alpha twice is pretty simple to get a single lowercase letter, but things get complicated if you want to use Alpha Lock. Simply put, Alpha Lock uses whatever case you last used without Alpha Lock. So to switch your Alpha Lock to uppercase, press Alpha once and type an uppercase letter. To switch Alpha Lock to use lowercase, press Alpha twice and type a letter. I usually keep it on lowercase, because the majority of your letters will probably be that way. Aside from this minor gripe, which isn't too much of an inconvenience, this is most definitely THE best lowercase program out there. What are you waiting for? Download it!

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