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Review by  Robert Mohr
Reviewed on 2004-11-22
Attention span: 1/10 Had me glued to my calc.
Controls: 10/10 Very complex input commands.
Implementation: 5/10 A good number guessing program.
Overall: 5/10 It's......umm......interesting.

Well, what can I say? This program is interesting, just like the programmer who's a hazard to the Chicago area. It takes up a whole 36 lines of code! That's pretty impressing - most take up hundreds or thousands of lines, but Nick could compact his into only 36!

Patrick Davidson is quoted as saying "I am quite impressed by this program. I wish that someday I could learn to program like Nick does." That left me in awe. I immediately removed Galaxian from my calculator and put the rest of Nick's games on it.

Overall, I'm impressed. This is by far the best program that I've seen by someone who should be confined to a room with padded walls, so play it - if you win, you'll see Nick's ticalc.org password!

Review by  Dave Cobb
Reviewed on 2004-11-22
Attention span: 3/10 I didn’t play it more than once.
Controls: 10/10 Not applicable with this program.
Implementation: 10/10 Small and efficient.
Overall: 2/10 You can do much better.

Like death, taxes, and hangovers; number guessing games will plague us forever. There must be, at least, 10 basic guessing games for the TI-86 alone. So, needless to say, I become very annoyed every time another one rears its ugly head.

Worry not; this game is not all bad. This game is insanely small (at the cost of features and replay value.) Since size um... doesn’t matter, this game only has one saving grace-Nick's now infamous sense of humor. Those of you who frequent Ticalc will especially appreciate it. These pluses are, however, greatly outnumber by the minuses. For one, there are no options. Many other guessing games allow you to choose the number range from which you must choose (the Wacky Fun Random Number Generator forces you to find the number between 1 and 30.) This game also does not give “hints“ such as “too high,” which makes it very difficult (not to mention annoying.)

This game would be intolerable had it not been written by Nick. There are far better guessing games out there, and you have a plethora of them to choose from. Download it for the humor; it will not remain on your calculator for long.

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