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Sebastian's Calculus Package


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Filename srmath.zip (Download)
Title Sebastian's Calculus Package
Description A package of more than 80 math functions and programs related to Calculus. A must-have for all students who want to save time and make less mistakes. Includes sign charts, domain and range of functions, moving particle problems, differentiation and integration tools, and much more. Most parts are not related to others, so you can make any selection of sub-packages. The index files contain helpful instructions and examples which you can read before installation on your TI-89. If you have Windows 95 or later, be sure to download the setup program for this package.
Author Sebastian Reichelt (Sebastian@tigcc.ticalc.org)
Category TI-89 BASIC Math Programs (Calculus)
File Size 48,578 bytes
File Date and Time Wed May 17 20:41:06 2000
Documentation Included? Yes



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Archive Contents
Name Size
Screenshot.gif   1367
Readme.txt   1829
Additional Packages/Piecewise Defined Functions/GETPDFCD.89F   195
Additional Packages/Piecewise Defined Functions/GETPDF.89F   349
Additional Packages/Piecewise Defined Functions/GETPDFRS.89F   167
Additional Packages/Piecewise Defined Functions/Index.txt   725
Additional Packages/Inverse Functions/Index.txt   811
Additional Packages/Inverse Functions/INVERSL.89F   134
Additional Packages/Inverse Functions/INVERS.89F   199
Additional Packages/Related Rates/LADDER.89P   453
Additional Packages/Related Rates/Index.txt   770
Additional Packages/Moving Particle/PARTDST.89F   609
Additional Packages/Moving Particle/PARTDSTA.89F   305
Additional Packages/Moving Particle/PARTDIST.89P   637
Additional Packages/Moving Particle/Index.txt   2425
Additional Packages/Snowflake Curve/SNOWFLK.89P   659
Additional Packages/Snowflake Curve/STOSNFLK.89P   482
Additional Packages/Snowflake Curve/SNOWFLAK.89S   493
Additional Packages/Snowflake Curve/Index.txt   2294
Additional Packages/Snowflake Curve/DSPSNFLK.89P   308
Additional Packages/Snowflake Curve/DELSNFLK.89P   236
Additional Packages/Trigonometry/SEC.89F   104
Additional Packages/Trigonometry/CSC.89F   104
Additional Packages/Trigonometry/COT.89F   104
Additional Packages/Trigonometry/Index.txt   664
Additional Packages/Sign Chart Package/ZEROSEX.89F   335
Additional Packages/Sign Chart Package/DISCONT.89F   217
Additional Packages/Sign Chart Package/DOMAIN.89F   136
Additional Packages/Sign Chart Package/FINDN.89F   254
Additional Packages/Sign Chart Package/GETNVAL.89F   925
Additional Packages/Sign Chart Package/GETSIGN.89F   241
Additional Packages/Sign Chart Package/JDISCONT.89F   470
Additional Packages/Sign Chart Package/SIGNCHRT.89F   551
Additional Packages/Sign Chart Package/CRITPNT.89F   402
Additional Packages/Sign Chart Package/UNDEFVAL.89F   946
Additional Packages/Sign Chart Package/Index.txt   5759
Additional Packages/Sign Chart Package/RANGE.89F   415
Additional Packages/Sign Chart Package/ISMIN.89F   236
Additional Packages/Sign Chart Package/ISMAX.89F   236
Additional Packages/Sign Chart Package/INTRVL.89F   369
Additional Packages/Shortest Distance/DISTFUN.89F   162
Additional Packages/Shortest Distance/SHORTDST.89F   144
Additional Packages/Shortest Distance/Index.txt   1003
Additional Packages/Newton's Method/APPROZER.89F   138
Additional Packages/Newton's Method/Index.txt   905
Additional Packages/Differentiation/Tangents/GETTNGLN.89F   140
Additional Packages/Differentiation/Tangents/TANGENT.89P   210
Additional Packages/Differentiation/Tangents/Index.txt   1091
Additional Packages/Differentiation/Implicit Differentiation/DDTODYDX.89F   415
Additional Packages/Differentiation/Implicit Differentiation/DYDXTODD.89F   397
Additional Packages/Differentiation/Implicit Differentiation/IMPLDERA.89F   202
Additional Packages/Differentiation/Implicit Differentiation/IMPLDER2.89F   227
Additional Packages/Differentiation/Implicit Differentiation/IMPLDER.89F   564
Additional Packages/Differentiation/Implicit Differentiation/IMPLDERP.89F   209
Additional Packages/Differentiation/Implicit Differentiation/IMPLDERS.89F   407
Additional Packages/Differentiation/Implicit Differentiation/INSDYDX.89F   318
Additional Packages/Differentiation/Implicit Differentiation/Index.txt   4665
Additional Packages/Differentiation/Chain Rule/CHNDERIV.89F   236
Additional Packages/Differentiation/Chain Rule/Index.txt   625
Additional Packages/Easy Formulas/DIST.89F   120
Additional Packages/Easy Formulas/XRT.89F   107
Additional Packages/Easy Formulas/LOGBASEX.89F   119
Additional Packages/Easy Formulas/MPNT.89F   119
Additional Packages/Easy Formulas/MPOINT.89F   146
Additional Packages/Easy Formulas/DY12.89E   103
Additional Packages/Easy Formulas/DY1.89E   100
Additional Packages/Easy Formulas/DYDX.89E   97
Additional Packages/Easy Formulas/TWOPNT.89F   148
Additional Packages/Easy Formulas/PNTSLP.89F   134
Additional Packages/Easy Formulas/SLOPE.89F   143
Additional Packages/Easy Formulas/Index.txt   3179
Additional Packages/Integration/Formulas/EINT.89F   122
Additional Packages/Integration/Formulas/FNAVG.89F   130
Additional Packages/Integration/Formulas/NFNAVG.89F   124
Additional Packages/Integration/Formulas/SPINFUNC.89F   124
Additional Packages/Integration/Formulas/XY.89F   119
Additional Packages/Integration/Formulas/YINT.89F   133
Additional Packages/Integration/Formulas/Index.txt   3340
Additional Packages/Integration/Riemann Sums/RAMSHEET.89C   818
Additional Packages/Integration/Riemann Sums/GETDX.89F   107
Additional Packages/Integration/Riemann Sums/GETX.89F   113
Additional Packages/Integration/Riemann Sums/LRAM.89F   153
Additional Packages/Integration/Riemann Sums/MRAM.89F   158
Additional Packages/Integration/Riemann Sums/RRAM.89F   154
Additional Packages/Integration/Riemann Sums/RAM.89F   361
Additional Packages/Integration/Riemann Sums/TRAPSUM.89F   422
Additional Packages/Integration/Riemann Sums/DISPRAM.89P   323
Additional Packages/Integration/Riemann Sums/DISPTRAP.89P   416
Additional Packages/Integration/Riemann Sums/Index.txt   4863
Required Packages/Conversion/BOLTOINT.89F   127
Required Packages/Conversion/Index.txt   372
Required Packages/Replacement/REPLACES.89F   300
Required Packages/Replacement/REPLACEE.89F   182
Required Packages/Replacement/Index.txt   1071
Required Packages/Compression/STRTOLST.89P   199
Required Packages/Compression/LSTTOSTR.89P   196
Required Packages/Compression/Index.txt   779
Required Packages/Lists/DELITEM.89F   127
Required Packages/Lists/INSITEMS.89F   174
Required Packages/Lists/INSMATS.89F   207
Required Packages/Lists/MAXPOS.89F   233
Required Packages/Lists/MINPOS.89F   238
Required Packages/Lists/SORTLIST.89F   264
Required Packages/Lists/Index.txt   2661
Required Packages/Constants/CONSTN.89F   107
Required Packages/Constants/CONST.89F   105
Required Packages/Constants/Index.txt   987
Required Packages/Constants/RESETC.89P   187
NoArchive.txt   74

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