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Review by  Justin Bennett
Reviewed on 2006-01-14
Since I have been into programming in Basic for a while now, I understood that I was somewhat limited by the features of 68K BASIC. I heard people talking of this wonderful library, so I tried it. This adds many things to your programs. They make programs written in 68K BASIC look a lot more professional. I would recommend this program for any programmer.

Review by  Knob Goblin
Reviewed on 2005-12-25
Overall, “Flib” great. I love the way it does everything quickly and effectively. Getting any byte value of any file is great. Gray scale mode with four shades is great, but (excuse me if I'm asking for the impossible) could one remain in grayscale, at least for some user input? Otherwise the program's near perfect, the 'line' and the 'pix' do weird stuff on the screen when the coordinates go off the screen.

The claims that the program is un-crashable and doesn't throw errors are almost true; its possible to do both, but not easily. The help file on the calc is horridly written but still readable.

I love it: 9/10

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