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Review by  Mike Elgen
Reviewed on 2004-04-11
I found this game to be very addicting. Although simple, it offers a challenge that can keep a person entertained for a long time. Easy “block-to-block” moving allows you to quickly move long distances without waiting long for the character to move. I found the radar to be very useful and controls were easy to figure out. Many people I know keep this game on their calculators because they enjoy it so much. I think it is worth the download.

Review by  Brian Gordon
Reviewed on 2004-04-09
The idea of “Chicken Shoot” is to find the chickens and shoot them. Mainly find them, since they don't move too much. It is very hard to find them, however, as the graphics are terrible, albeit diverse, and you can't quite see where the obstacles are. The levels are fairly large and you have a very limited time to do each one, so it becomes increasingly easy to get lost the farther you get into the game. The actual "shooting" part of “Chicken Shoot” is poorly done, so the only thing you can really do is get near the chickens and mash the fire button and arrow keys frantically, hoping you'll shoot it before the time is up. Your player looks terrible and doesn't turn around like he does in Zelda:ToC. The camera is also handled badly; moving causes the entire screen to move over 8 pixels, which is disorienting. There is no plot, although this is a major fault of calculator games in general, and a dearth of in-game text. I understand that this was Harper's first ASM game, but I still don't recommend downloading it. Do not play this game.

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