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Review by  Joe Stegner
Reviewed on 2004-11-21
Attention span: 8/10 You'll be so mad you'll like it.
Controls: 7/10 You cannot control the outfielders.
Implementation: 8/10 You cannot see the computer hit.
Overall: 8/10 More addictive than crank.

Who would have thought competing against a computer who never lets you see how it does each inning while you swing a bat at a ball that flies in predetermined areas could be so much fun?

Baseball '99 for the TI-86 is a game based on the world-renowned and well known graphically-better-than-super-computers Tiger Electronics handheld games, specifically the Baseball one. Your stickmen compete against the computer or your friend's stickmen in a game of the US national pasttime. You hit 2nd to make the opponent pitch, and then 2nd again when you want to hit the ball. Determined on how you hit the ball, the ball will fly to predetermined areas. More likely than not, your ball will be caught, as it sails in a horizontal line, not even creating an arch, into the hands of a stickman with no glove. Amazing how much that would hurt.

While the graphics aren't exactly a high mark of this game, the repetitive hitting-of-the-ball, believe it or not, IS. For one reason or another, you feel inclined to keep hitting that stupid ball for that homerun, and the more-likely-than-not "out" you will receive will make you even more determined to do so. You will keep hitting that 2nd over and over again, and probably curse at the opponent a few times. This is probably what has kept this game on my calculator so long. Dogged determination. Yes, I am that sad.

A few problems I have with the game are the stereotypes it has. There are no left-handed hitters. While I am right-handed, I feel baseball is an equal-opportunity game, and should not be biased over those of the left-handed society. Can't we all just get along?

In this conclusion, I'd download this game now and put it on my calculator. Then, I would play it. After that, I would curse at it a few times and stop playing it. Then I would get addicted and turn it back on again.

It's a fun game, really. Now excuse me while I check myself into Baseball'99-aholics Anonymous.

Review by  Jared Schmidt
Reviewed on 2004-03-03
This is a mildly entertaining game. If some stuff was added (rosters, steals, more options) the game would be better. I would like to see it be more than just hit the ball at the right time and hope you get on base. Hopefully more is done if another version is made.


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