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Prosit v0.81.1


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Filename prosit.zip (Download)
Title Prosit v0.81.1
Description Prosit is my attempt to create a multitasking general-purpose operating system for the TI-92 Plus and the TI-89, two advanced graphing calculators from Texas Instruments. The idea is that the kernel itself will handle only the task-switching and the events. For example, the GUI system is a library that is used by the processes themselves without the knowledge of the kernel.
Author Niklas Brunlid (nbr@ticalc.org)
Category TI-89 Assembly Shells
File Size 132,664 bytes
File Date and Time Thu Dec 23 05:04:22 1999
Documentation Included? Yes
Source Code Included? Yes



Review by  Bjorn Odelfalk
Reviewed on 2004-03-18
This is a very nice attempt of multitasking OS. It runs smoothly and stable. It's a very nice show-off of what the TI-89/92 is capable of in "theory", because this program is quite unuseful.

+ Nice graphics

+ Delivers a "Ohhh niiice" feeling

- If you want to make a program/game supported by this shell, you have to get into message/event handling as for Windows.

= This shell is beautiful and I can't stop thinking "How did he manage to do this?". But sadly, that's all...

Rating: 7/10


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Archive Contents
Name Size
README.txt   903
gmlib.89z   4569
gmlib.9xz   4569
proboot.9xz   6309
proboot.89z   4287
source/prosit/prosit_rbuffer.h   816
source/prosit/prosit_event.h   3850
source/prosit/prosit_file.h   2533
source/prosit/prosit_header.h   1262
source/prosit/prosit_keyreader.h   1431
source/prosit/prosit_list.h   3658
source/prosit/prosit_macro.h   6397
source/prosit/prosit_process.h   8926
source/prosit/prosit_scheduler.h   1134
source/prosit/prosit.c   8577
source/prosit/prosit_lock.h   327
source/prosit/prosit_semaphore.h   872
source/winlib/winlib.c   20423
source/winlib/winlib_mouse.h   5115
source/winlib/winlib_mousebutton.h   1104
source/proboot/proboot.c   7267
source/gfx/Groovy89.bmp   8118
source/gfx/groovy92_1.h   17197
source/gfx/groovy89_1.bin   2000
source/gfx/groovy89_2.bin   2000
source/gfx/groovy89_1.shk   1963
source/gfx/groovy89_2.shk   983
source/gfx/groovy89_1.h   9875
source/gfx/groovy89_2.h   4944
source/gfx/groovy92_1.bin   3840
source/gfx/groovy92_2.bin   3840
source/gfx/groovy92_2.h   7797
source/gfx/Groovy92.bmp   15478
source/gfx/groovy92_1.shk   3418
source/gfx/groovy92_2.shk   1550
source/wmlib/wmlib.c   3707
source/gmlib/gmlib.c   14884
source/torus/SINT.h   3218
source/torus/SINT.BIN   640
source/torus/T_LINES.BIN   718
source/torus/T_POINTS.BIN   1080
source/torus/torus.c   11992
source/torus/T_LINES.h   3611
source/torus/T_POINTS.h   5432
dev_c/prosit.h   9164
dev_c/romcalls.h   46033
dev_c/winlib.h   5598
dev_c/wmlib.h   420
dev_c/gmlib.h   6681
prosit.9xz   4141
prosit.89z   4141
torus.9xz   4505
winlib.9xz   4987
winlib.89z   4979
wmlib.9xz   1341
wmlib.89z   1341
torus.89z   4505
shrnklib.9xz   677
shrnklib.89z   677

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