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Review by  Michael White
Reviewed on 2005-02-09
“Piano 83” is a great “Ion” program that turns your calculator into a piano. Its many features and good sound make it appealing for people who just want to play around or for experienced musicians. “Piano 83” offers a full five and a half octaves (though not all at the same time), the ability to hear two notes at once (but not one in either ear), quick one-octave pitch changes of the keyboard, and half-step pitch changes of the keyboard.

The keyboard layout is such that you turn the calculator on its side to simulate a real piano; [2nd] is C, [Alpha] is D, [Math] is E, etc., with the sharps more-or-less in their natural positions. I find this arrangement particularly useful for playing a rhythm with the left hand and at the same time playing a higher melody with the right. Overall, “Piano 83” is a very fun and useful program.

Sound Quality: 8/10. Pretty good sound. A little scratchy, chords sound poor on arpeggio mode.
Features: 9/10. Great pitch stuff to keep the musician interested.
Ease of use: 9/10. Intuitive keyboard layout.
Overall: 9/10. A great program.

Review by  Floyd Maseda
Reviewed on 2004-04-15
This is an awesome program, I think the author did a good job!! I am trying to learn how to play the piano, and now I can learn when I'm at school doing nothing in Algebra class.

Sound- 9/10 (Sounds a little scratchy, but still pretty dang good.)
Layout- 7/10 (I can't really understand it, but then again, I'm not the smartest person in the world.)
Performance- 10/10 (It actually sounds like the notes, instead of just a bunch of messed up tones like the other sound players)
Overall- 9/10 (Could use a record feature and playback what you played)

I would recommend downloading “Piano83” to anyone.

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