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Review by  Joe Stegner
Reviewed on 2004-11-21
Attention span: 9/10 Addicting when you get into it
Controls: 10/10 Very nice
Implementation: 7/10 Needs external levels
Overall: 8/10 Good game overall

Here's a nice puzzle game for all you puzzle-philes out there: Laser Mayhem, ported to the 86 by Brandon Sterner, from the 83 version (made by Badja).

This game has become one of my new favorites. Not because it has MONSTER graphics, or because it has HUGE action, but because it is just plain fun.

As you would guess from a puzzle game, it is more suited for the thinker than the gunner. I just enjoy how nicely these puzzle's are set up so you have to think a few actions ahead of time. While they're not all INSANELY hard, it does take quite awhile to figure out how to attack the puzzle.

Basically, you control whats going on in the game. You control a cursor which you can move onto anything on the screen, and you fire whatever laser cannons are available, trying to manipulate the screen's various objects (such as mirrors,acid blobs,blocks blocking the way,and of course the lasers) to hit an 'iris' that is located somewhere on the screen TWICE. That's what gives it an extra something to make your problems more complex.

While it is fun, there are a few gripes and groans. One, it doesn't support external levels like its 83 counterpart, and it is hard to figure out what to do if you haven't read the readme file for it (a bad experience if you want to let friends try and don't want to sit there explaining). But other than that, if you enjoy a thinking game, then Laser Mayhem should stay on your calc for quite a while.

Review by  Morgan Davies
Reviewed on 2004-04-05
This program has been made for quite a few calculators and this one is right up there with the other versions. It is a strategy game and, be warned, mass thinking will be required. I never thought that I would just stare at my calculator for such an extended period of time without pressing any buttons.

The level sets are the same from the other versions I have seen so I am not entirely sure if the author was the original creator of these particular levels. However, they are good levels nonetheless. They start off easy and gradually add different blocks and such that make the game harder and harder to beat. Don’t make the mistake I made by beating all the levels to get to the last level: it turns out that you can press + or - and get to any level you want :-)

This is a great program to enhance your visual thought processes. 8/10

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