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Frank Yaul


Frank Yaul (

Ranked number 221 in authors with the most files with 23 files.
Ranked number 521 in our list of most downloaded authors all time with 59556 downloads.
Ranked number 281 in our list of most downloaded authors for the past seven days with 64 downloads.


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File Title Category
avalanche.zip BASIC Fast Avalanche TI-89 BASIC Games (Arcade/Chasing, Dodging)
basicdisableon68k.txt Disable On-key break in BASIC for 68k calculators Misc. Informational Files
delta.zip Delta Wing TI-86 BASIC Games
e3d.zip Engine 3 Dimention TI-89 BASIC Graphics Programs
factor3.zip 0Factor TI-89 BASIC Math Programs (Factoring, Primes)
factor.zip 0Factor TI-89 BASIC Math Programs (Factoring, Primes)
_fastsqrt_.zip ~z80 ASM square root~ TI-83/84 Plus Assembly Routines
findpxlroutine.zip Find Pixel routine TI-89 Assembly Routines
hcalc.zip Human Calculator Trainer TI-89 BASIC Math Programs (Misc.)
linex.zip Line-x semitunnel game TI-86 Assembly Games
mempi.zip Memorize PI! TI-89 BASIC Math Programs (Geometry)
pathai.zip Pathfinding AI TI-89 BASIC Misc. Programs (Simulations, Emulators)
qsort.zip Ubiquitous Z80 QuickSort Implementation TI-86 Assembly Routines
racei500b.zip Race: Indy 500b TI-86 BASIC Games
racei500.zip Race: Indy 500 TI-86 BASIC Games
raycastdemo.zip Raycasting Demo TI-89 BASIC Graphics Programs
rgenalg.zip Random number algorithm TI-89 BASIC Math Programs (Statistics)
rtxt.zip Random number algorithm explanation Misc. Informational Files
sqrtroutine.zip Fast Square root routine TI-89 Assembly Routines
tunl.zip Tunnel TI-89 BASIC Games (Arcade/Tunnel)
ubtunnel.zip You Be the Tunnel! TI-89 BASIC Games (Arcade/Tunnel)
unbeatablenim.zip 0NIM TI-89 BASIC Games (Puzzle/Strategy)
vortex.zip 0Vortex TI-89 BASIC Graphics Programs

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