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Travis Evans

[United States]

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From a very early age, Travis has had an unusual fascination with computers, calculators, and numbers in general. He spent time playing with common basic calculators until he received his first scientific calculator when he was still in elementary school. In 1994, he got his first graphing calculator, a TI-81, around his birthday and spent lots of time programming it and exploring math. Over the years, he upgraded to a TI-82, then a TI-85, then a TI-86, and eventually got a TI-89 and more recently, a TI-89 Titanium. Using both TI-BASIC and C, he writes everything from games to utilities to highly customized personal programs to manage various aspects of his life and hobbies. He uses his TI-89 Titanium more like a handheld computer than a calculator.

Travis never really foresaw becoming a ticalc.org staff member. But after noticing ticalc.org's chronic problems with excessively long file archiving delays due to things like existing staff no longer having enough spare time, he started wondering whether he should volunteer to be a file archiver the next time ticalc.org began hiring. Just a few months after this, ticalc.org announced that new file archivers were needed, and after careful consideration, he decided to go for it and send in an application. This turned out to be the right decision. Now, Travis enjoys processing incoming files and working on the long overdue splitting and subcategorization of the largest directories in the file archives, not to mention finally satisfying his curiosity of what things look like behind the scenes.

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