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Ryan Boyd

[United States]

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Ryan] Ryan's first exposure to TI calculators was his older brother's acquisition of a TI-85. After Ryan got his first TI-83, his grandmother bought him a TI-Graph Link in order to nurture his blooming fascination with programming and mathematics. These two influences spawned Ryan's lifelong interest in TI platforms, and he went on to acquire and become obsessed with nearly every model that has been released. Thankfully, a slew of unbelievably talented programmers have kept the community alive, preventing Ryan from going on a Godzilla-style rampage across the planet's major cities.

Ryan has an M.S. in experimental social psychology and performs psycholinguistics research at UT Austin, where he is working towards his Ph.D. His personal interests include Interactive Fiction, game design, statistics, coffee, and history. Earning the title of "News Editor" at ticalc.org satisfies a personal goal in addition to "Stage 5" of his 1,035-stage master plan for world domination.

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