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Nick Disabato

[United States]

[Picture of Nick] Nick found his way into calculators with the purchase of a TI-85 for his junior high algebra class. A friend had access to the TI-Graph Link and thus made Nick familiar with ZShell. After learning about the programming capabilities of the 85, Nick programmed several programs in TI-BASIC for his 8th grade, freshman and sophomore math and science classes and released two of these programs publicly. Two days after the TI-86 was released in his area, his 85 mysteriously "broke" and he purchased the more sophisticated model. A year later, he sold the 86 to a gullible idiot and used the money in part for the purchase of the then-new 89. Nick's by definition a math geek, but he has other interests. In high school, Nick was a president of his community service club and involved actively in technical theatre, along with the usual particpation in the math and science teams. Nick reads books a great deal of the time, along with posting hideous amounts of stuff to his home page. Nick is undeclared in Northwestern University's college of engineering. To conclude, Nick refers to himself in the third person way too frequently.

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