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Morgan Davies

[United States]

[Picture of Morgan] Morgan first became interested in calculators as a freshman in highschool. As often as he could Morgan would borrow his friend's TI-86 to play Super Mario 86 v0.91. At the beginning of his sophomore year Morgan bought a TI-86 and has been programming ever since, mainly math and science utilities. After learning the z80 86 Assembly language, like many programmers, he abandoned the built in BASIC language. Since his introduction into z80 ASM, Morgan has purchased a Voyage 200 PLT and might attempt to learn C in the future.

Outside of calculators, Morgan enjoys lifting weights, track and field, going to baseball games, building potato guns for math projects, ultimate frisbee, and staying up way too late playing Warcraft III. He is enrolled as a sophomore at WSU pursuing a degree in Accounting and Information Systems. Morgan is a file archiver at ticalc.org but does many different things. His goals are to give every file a screenshot and improve the quality of the archives by the time he takes his leave from ticalc.org.

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