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Henrik Edlund
Henrik bought a TI-81 in 1993 when he began Upper Secondary School. Even though an advanced calculator wasn't required, he also bought a TI-85 to explore and soon sold his TI-81 and continued to only use the TI-85. He found ZShell through FidoNet and when he got connected to the Internet in 1994, he soon contacted Dan Eble for permission to do The Official ZShell Home Page. Henrik got to know Dan as well as Magnus. In early 1996, a very wise guy named Isaac sent him an email about founding ticalc.org. The rest is history.

Being one of the original members of ticalc.org, Henrik has been responsible for system security but also worked with system administration, like installing and maintaining software. He also love to voice his opinion on matters concerning the project in general. Through the years, he has also owned a TI-92, a TI-86 and an engineering sample TI-83 Plus Silver Edition, but today he does not own any calculator at all.

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