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David Ellsworth

[United States]

[Picture of David] David got his start with TI graphing calculators in 10th grade, first with a borrowed TI-81 and then with a borrowed TI-85. Later that same year, 1994, he received his very own TI-85 as part of an award. He enjoyed exploring its hidden internals; this included coercing the TI-85 to run machine code. It wasn't until after he bought his TI-92 in December 1995 that he found out about ZShell and the online TI community. He became determined to create the first assembly shell for the TI-92 himself, and achieved this goal in 1996. The project, still in development, is now known as Fargo II. He is currently working on porting Fargo to the new TI-92 Plus, and plans to do a TI-89 version as well. He keeps ticalc.org up-to-date with the latest versions of Fargo and its companion files. He retired on July 28th, 1998 (which happens to be his birthday), due to lack of time for many concurrent projects and his wish to devote more time to programming and other interests.

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