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Alex Tran

[United States]

[Picture of Alex] It all started when Alex saw an 82 BASIC game of Nibbles. From there, he bought an 85 for its gaming ability, built a homemade link cable, played numerous ASM games (after concluding BASIC had severe limitations) but thirsted for more power. Once realizing the 86 had much more to offer in the memory department, Alex obtained a TI-86. In the meantime, TI worked on a new calculator so revolutionary that it held a high honor on Alex's desktop for an entire 9months while awaiting it's release. This super calculator, the 89, owned all other calculators. Upon it's release, Alex immediately bought it (ahhh, I remember that day... August 31, 1998) after unloading his 86 to his friend's girlfriend. (FYI: they are no longer together) Gaming continued for a few months until we all pass the stage, and understand calculator games are not to be played in Friday Evening School. He has since learned his lesson and his 89 has been idle in the gaming department from that day on. Alex is currently a sophomore at Case Western Reserve University.

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