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Site Policies


We are a non-profit site maintained and supported by volunteers. We do not solicit funds except to cover operation costs.


While we regret the inconvenience, we may display advertising on the site as necessary to help defray operation costs.


We respect the privacy of our visitors and maintain confidentiality of all personal information we may collect, except where otherwise specified. (For example, you may choose whether to display your real name when posting on our news boards.) We will not sell personal information to third parties or send out unsolicited email.

Our site makes use of cookies strictly for the purpose of convenience to our visitors. Cookies enable your browser to "remember" your account name on our site and to store your customized settings. We do not use cookies to track usage or collect personal data from our visitors.


We at ticalc.org try to keep our archives free of inappropriate material, but we're not perfect. We rely on our community of users to help catch inappropriate material that may occasionally slip through our screening.

The following types of content are considered inappropriate and forbidden by our site policies:

  • Profanity
  • Pornography or sexually explicit content
  • Drug-related content
  • Content depicting any real person besides the author
  • Content promoting or depicting terrorism or racial/ethnic hatred
  • Content promoting or depicting violence in schools
  • Programs made exclusively for cheating (e.g. fake memory-clearing programs)
  • Copyright or trademark violations (e.g. calculator ROMs, text or graphics that violate others' copyrights or trademarks)
This list is not intended to be complete and may be updated at our discretion, at any time.

To report a file you believe contains inappropriate content, please follow the following procedure:

  • Take note of exactly what you find inappropriate
  • Look up the files information page in our archives
  • Fill in the form at the bottom of the page, and send the report
You can also report inappropriate files by mail to webmaster@ticalc.org. Make sure to include the full path and name of the file you are reporting!


News items are chosen and posted at the sole and final discretion of our staff.


All hosted sites are subject to final approval by our staff. We are under no obligation to host any interested site, and may refuse to host a site or terminate a hosted site at any time and at our sole discretion.

The contents of a hosted site is the responsibility of the manager of the site and not ticalc.org.


We provide our visitors the capability to sign up for "accounts" on our site as a convenience to our users. As such, we request that users hold only one account with our system. Users found to have multiple accounts will lose all account privileges. We also reserve the right to terminate or restrict accounts at our discretion.


All ticalc.org mailing lists are run from Google Groups and are administered by ticalc.org staff. The following rules and regulations apply to all lists:

  • Basic rules of netiquette. No flames. If you feel an irreistable urge to flame somebody, do it in private email to that person.
  • Stay on topic. Each mailing list has a clearly-defined topic. Stick to that topic. If necessary, move a discussion to another mailing list if it spins off to cover a different topic.
  • A user may only post from an address that is subscribed to the list he/she is posting to. If you have multiple email addresses, make sure you use the correct one.
  • No cross-posts. Never cross-post an email to multiple lists. All users are not subscribed to all lists, and they are not interested in all topics. If you have a posting that is urgent and that is proper on multiple mailing lists, post separate emails to all of the lists. Multiple To or Cc's cause a lot of problems.
  • Mailing lists are not intended for posting of binaries (such as programs). Upload these files to FTP- or Web-based archives (such as ticalc.org) instead, and post the URL to where people can download the file.
  • Please post your mails as plain text. Do not use RTF or HTML-mail, since many mail program don't handle it, and many people do not want it.
  • All posts to these lists are archived on Google Groups. By subscribing, you agree that Google Groups may post the complete contents of anything you send to the mailing lists.
  • Each user posting to the lists is responsible for whatever he/she says. ticalc.org is in no way responsible for anything posted to the lists.
  • Inappropriate material or any messages or threads that do not follow the rules given here are subject to deletion from the web archives or blocking of any further replies.

Failure to comply with the rules listed above after fair warning will lead to unsubscription and banning from all ticalc.org mailing lists.


In short, we are not responsible for anything that happens to your computer, calculator, or anything else as a result of using our site. Please read our Disclaimer.

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