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Hardware and Software

Our services are hosted on machines provided by Magnus Hagander, located in a Hetzner datacenter in Nurnberg, Germany. The site is connected to a high capacity backbone at 100MBit.


Item Description
System Type Virtual Machine (KVM)
CPU 2 cores off an intel i7-920 CPU dual quadcore at 2.67GHz
Memory 1.5GB
Hard Disks Virtually mapped off 2x720GB SATA-II RAID
Network Interface Card Integrated RTL8111/8168B gigabit


Type Software Version
Operating System Debian GNU/Linux 5 (Lenny)
Kernel Linux 2.6 (Debian standard)
HTTP Server Apache 2.2
FTP Server Pure-FTPd 1.0
SMTP Server Postfix 2.5
Database Management System PostgreSQL 8.4
Mailing List Manager GNU Mailman 2.1

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