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astrocoord.zip9k14-03-23File is not ratedAstronomical Coordinate Conversion v1.0
The program converts any position of an astronomical object given in one system into the equivalent coordinates of another system. Provided are equatorial ( right ascension as well as hour angle ), ecliptic, horizon, and galactic system.
beamdiagram.zip94k14-04-06File is not ratedBeam Shear-Moment Diagram
This program is very useful for students in statics and mechanics of solids. It draws shear and moment diagrams for beams under various loads, forces, and moments. It also gives shear and moment piecewise functions with evaluations at the upper and lower bounds of the functions. Please read the attached document before using. *Update 1: Now able to reattempt section entries. *Update 2: Now evaluates maximum values and cleans up variables after running.
binarystars.zip13k14-02-15File is not ratedBinary Stars v1.0
Given any date, local time and time zone including daylight saving the program finds for binary star systems, the orbital elements of which are known, the position angle of the companion B referred to primary object A ( assumed to be fixed ) and the separation in arcsec. The data of twenty systems are already stored on page 1.3 of the file. Documentation on page 1.1 including an illustrating figure on page 1.4 .
buckling_ec2.zip200k12-06-03File is not ratedBuckling Length of a Concrete Column v1.1
The program computes for a concrete column connected to beams and neighbouring columns the factors of elastic restraints at both ends and resulting from these values the effective length based on EUROCODE 2 and the National Annex for Germany. V1.1 now provides the input of circular cross-sections.
catenarydist.zip7k13-10-26File is not ratedCatenary - Cable Subject to a Distributed Load
This program calculates the forces, cable length and/or the maximum sag of a cable or rope that is fixed in two points A (xa,ya) and B (xb,yb) and is subject to a uniformly distributed load q. The supports may be on the same horizontal level ( ya=yb=0 ) or may have different heights ( ya=0, yb<0 or yb>0 ). The results depend on the inputs you have carried out.
catenary.zip9k13-10-26File is not ratedCatenary - Cable Subject to its Dead Load
This program determines for a cable or rope being subject to its dead load q the internal force F,res, its horizontal and vertical components ( F,hor , F,vert ) as well as the sag of the cable. The supports may be on the same horizontal level ( ya=yb=0 ) or may have different heights ( ya=0, yb<0 or yb>0 ). A graph of the function is provided on page 1.3 .
chemistry.zip27k09-03-13File is not ratedChemistry Library
Balance chemical reactions and compute masses of compounds. Examples: mass("H2SO4"), balance("H2+O2=H2O"). Formula syntax supports standard organic chemistry notation (like CH3COOH or CH3CH2CH2CH3) and parenthesis (like K4Fe(CN)6). Also includes functions to determine names, symbols and atomic numbers of elements.
chemisttryformulas.zip73k14-05-10File is not ratedChemistry I & II Equations Library
This library contains just about every mathematical equation used over Chemistry I and Chemistry II. Additionally,a I also put in some equations I derived as shortcuts, like stoichiometric relationships solved for 1. Be aware that representation of some variables may be different due to nSpire limitations (e.g. concentrations like [X] will be rendered as X_c). Programs like mass("CH3COOH") were included from previous author Nelson Sousa's work. If you wanted to, you could copy and paste the periodic table app by Nick Steen in here, too: http://www.ticalc.org/archives/files/fileinfo/444/44465.html
circulodemohr.tns.zip5k11-12-28File is not ratedMohrs Circle
The program will prompt the user for the x and y axial stress and shear stress. The program will calculate the maximum shear stress, and principal stresses. Mohr's circle will then be drawn.
circulomohr.tns.zip8k12-01-02File is not ratedMohrs Circle
The program will prompt the user for the x and y axial stress and shear stress. The program will calculate the maximum shear stress, and principal stresses. Mohr's circle will then be drawn.
decimyeartoymd.zip3k14-08-13File is not ratedConversion of Years
The program converts the decimal format of a year ( as often quoted in astronomical almanacs ) into the year/month/day/hour/min/sec - format and vice versa.
dewpointandhumidity.zip7k13-03-26File is not ratedDew point and relative humidity v1.2
The program calculates the unknown value, if two of the following three quantities are given: air temperature Te [°C], relative humidity phi [%], dew point temperature Ts [°C]. Besides, the saturation amount at temperature Te, vapor pressure, and precipitation of water for a reduced temperature Te < Ts is determined. v1.2 additionally provides a solution for the specific gravity of air depending on Te and the air pressure. Program covers the range -20°C<=Te<=30°C.
ellcomets.zip16k14-03-27File is not ratedPeriodic Comets v2.0
Given the calendar date, local time and time zone including daylight saving the program finds for comets the orbital data of which are known, the right ascension, declination, azimuth, altitude and distance from Earth. The orbital data may be edited, changed or completed. V2.0: a graph of the position is provided on pages 1.3 or 1.4.
energyproblemsolver.zip18k12-05-11File is not ratedEnergy Problem Solver
A simple set of energy conservation programs for high school physics, written in ti-nspire cx basic, that will solve for kinetic energy, potential energy, mass, velocity, initial velocity, height, distance, and final velocity.
eurocode_2.zip281k13-04-02File is not ratedBeam Design based on EUROCODE 2 (Regbem_EC2 v2.1)
The program determines for a rectangular concrete beam the reinforcement both on top ( As2, pressure ) and at the bottom ( As1, tension ) having the dimensions b and h, concrete quality C.., and loads M and/or N for a chosen ratio As2/As1 ( 0<=As2/As1<=1 ) and summarizes the result in a graph (page 1.2 of the document ). The design is based on EUROCODE 2 and the National Annex for Germany.
field_3.zip187k12-08-10File is not ratedInternal Forces of a Continuous Beam
The program determines for a two- or three-span beam with different moments of inertia the extreme support moments, field moments with their current location, shear- and reaction forces. Accepted are for each field one uniformly distributed and one trapezoidal load.
gk_to_mtb_conv.zip63k12-06-11File is not ratedGAUSS_KRUEGER_to_MTB_v1.2
This program converts geodetic coordinates to GAUSS-KRUEGER(GK)-coordinates and vice versa on the base of POTSDAM date and shows the number of the corresponding "Messtischblatt" (MTB) with quadrants and sub-quadrants. Small bug fixed in v1.2 - Das Programm wandelt geodaetische Koordinaten in Gauss-Krueger-Werte und umgekehrt um und zeigt die Nummer des zugehoerigen Messtischblattes mit Unterquadranten an. V1.2: kleiner Fehler bei der Zuordnung zu MTB beseitigt.
mineralid.zip48k13-04-26File is not ratedMineral Identification
This document contains a program that uses attributes in a spreadsheet, such as streak and luster, to return a list of minerals that fit your constraints. Simply copy and paste the template and change fields to match your sample, or leave them blank. It can also return the chemical formula or properties of a mineral if you enter the mineral name. Only about 130 of the most common or economically important minerals are included. I'm an undergraduate geology student, so criticism and improvements are very welcome.
molecules_en.zip113k09-03-31File is not ratedMolecules 3D
A 3D viewer of molecule structures. Includes several inorganic and organic molecules. Molecules can be rotated in space or animated. More info in www.nelsonsousa.pt
mom.zip3k10-10-21File is not ratedMechanics of Materials
Includes my previous Mohr's Circle program and a 3D stress program. The 3D stress will yield a the three stress invariants, the three principle stress, and the max shear stress for a defined state of stress. The user inputs the normal x, y, and z stresses followed by the xy, xz, and yz shears. (I'm hopping to include the direction cosines and the ability to do coordinate rotations in a future version. If people want those added, rate this program and leave a comment so I know that it would be useful to people.)
moonsun.zip14k14-04-14File is not ratedPosition of Sun and Moon v2.01
Given the date, local time and position of the observer the program finds for both the Sun and the Moon the apparent diameter, the equatorial as well as the horizon coordinates, additionally for the Moon the distance from Earth, phase including indication of waxing/waning Moon, and the position-angle of the bright limb. Afterwards the position of both objects is depicted in a graph ( page 1.3 showing above, page 1.4 below horizon ). At last the occurence of a lunar / solar eclipse if existing is indicated.
mtb_lb.zip13k13-09-03File is not ratedMTB-to-Lon&Lat v3.01
Being given the number of any German Messtischblatt with/without subquadrants the program calculates the degrees of latitude and longitude marking the boundaries of the detail and the coordinates of the section corners (Language: German). - Das Programm berechnet aus der Nummer des Deutschen Messtischblattes (Topografische Karte 1:25000) mit/ohne Angabe von 1/4-, 1/16- oder 1/64-Unterquadranten die begrenzenden Längen- und Breitengrade (Kartendatum: POTSDAM), die Eckkoordinaten des Ausschnitts als Gauss-Krüger-Werte und (ab v3.0) zusätzlich als UTM-Koordinaten (System: WGS 84). Dokumentation auf Seite 1.1 des Programms.
parcomets.zip13k14-03-27File is not ratedComets on Parabolic Orbits v1.0
Given the calendar date, local time and time zone including daylight saving the program finds for comets with parabolic motion the orbital data of which are known ( stored on page 1.5 ) the right ascension, declination, azimuth, altitude and distance from Earth. The orbital data may edited, changed or completed. A graph of the comet's position is provided on pages 1.3 or 1.4.
periodic.zip69k09-02-25File is not ratedPeriodic Table
Full Periodic Table on TI-Nspire with graphical interface. Data is presented in a spreadsheet. Includes plot of atomic properties and functions to determin an element's name, symbol and mass.
physicsunitsandconstantsm.zip187k13-06-22File is not ratedPhysics Formulas and Workspace 1.1
First, this package includes every formula that comes up in Calculus-Based Physics I and II. This allows you to copy and paste them into the solve() function, equivalent to 500 programs that might be written to manipulate equations on a TI-83. Second, this includes a pack of useful physics programs: converting units, storing variables with units attached even if you don't know them, and a quick-access menu for physics constants you can scroll through. This requires an Nspire version with CAS. In the latest update I've fixed some bugs, added a new program that can check your work between steps, and another that lets you store a list of values into a list of variables so you can plug a lot of things in really fast. Check the documentation in AAphysics! The main document you will be using is AAphysicsworkspace. The other three documents just house the code for programs so that the document where you'll be working will run faster. Your feedback is appreciated!
planetfinder.zip17k14-04-06File is not ratedPosition of Planets v2.0
Given the local date, time, time zone, location of the observer and orbital elements ( listed on page 1.5 ) the program finds the right ascension, declination, azimuth, altitude, distance from Earth, apparent angular diameter and apparent brightness of the major planets Mercury to Neptune. Afterwards the position referred to the horizon coordinates is depicted in a graph ( page 1.3 above, page 1.4 below horizon ). V2.0 now includes corrections for horizontal parallax.
planetsvariable.zip22k14-04-20File is not ratedPlanets ( Variable Orbital Elements ) v3.0
Given the local date, time and location of observer the program finds by means of the orbital elements stored on page 1.6 the equatorial and horizon coordinates as well as distance from Earth, phase and brightness for all planets simultaneously. The positions of the planets are depicted in graphs on page 1.3 ( above horizon ) and 1.4 ( below horizon ).
polygon.zip245k12-03-07File is not ratedCross-Section Properties
The program determines for any cross-section the main section properties and computes for any load combination of N, My, Mz the stresses in all input points. Furthermore a plot of the contour including main axis and neutral axis,where Sigma=0, is provided.
singlespan.zip246k13-05-13File is not ratedSingle-Span Beam (Support Reactions and Moments) v1.2
The program calculates for a single-span beam with any number of sections you like and elastic restraints or external moments at the supports the support reactions, end moments and maximum field moment including its location. Each section may have a trapezoidal load and a point load at the right end. Furthermore the shear force and the internal moment for any point of the beam can be calculated.
spring_const.zip18k13-05-19File is not ratedSpring Constants Equivalent to Rigidity of Beam
This program calculates for a one-field beam with modulus of elasticity E and moment of inertia I the equivalent spring constants ( vertical spring c,v and rotational spring c,phi ) at any point of the beam's length L. Different kinds of support conditions are provided.
starfind.zip49k12-05-23File is not ratedStarfinder v2.0
Given the date, time, timezone, your location and the coordinates of a stellar object, this program calculates the azimuth and the elevation above horizon and shows the result in a simple plot.
suelos.zip8k14-07-24File is not ratedsuelos
This file contains programs for soil mechanics.
sunriseset.zip5k14-01-30File is not ratedSunrise, Sunset & Azimuth
The program calculates for a given date, the time zone including daylight saving correction, and the location ( latitude and longitude ) the times of sunrise, sunset, daylight duration and - as of v2.0 - the azimuths of rise and set. Accuracy lies with +- 3 min ( 0.5° for azimuth ) up to a latitude of +- 65°.
transporte.zip6k14-08-06File is not ratedtransporte
It contains some programs for transport engineering.
tripod.zip4k13-04-12File is not ratedBeam Forces in a Tripod
This is a little program that calculates the beam- and reaction forces of a tripod having the base points A, B, and C and a common end point T, which is loaded by a force F (Fx, Fy, Fz).
twilight.zip5k14-01-30File is not ratedMorning & Evening Twilight
This program serves as completion of program "Sunrise & Sunset" in the same TI-nspire section. It calculates for a given date, timezone and location the morning and evening twilight ( civil, nautical and astronomical ).
twostoreycolumn.zip6k13-10-07File is not ratedBuckling of a Two-Storey Column
For a two-storey column with different cross-sections and kinds of support the program determines the buckling factors and effective (buckling) lengths of both sections.
units.zip21k09-03-18File is not ratedUnit Converter
A library to add unit conversion functionality to numeric TI-Nspire (TI-Nspire CAS allready has it). Features all units and constants available on TI-Nspire CAS.
utmconv.zip44k12-04-29File is not ratedutm_convert
This program converts geodetic coordinates given as latitude and longitude to UTM coordinates and vice versa on the basis of WGS84.
utm_to_dach.zip268k14-04-29File is not ratedConversion UTM to D / A / CH - Coordinates v1.5
The program converts geodetic coordinates given in WGS84 into the corresponding values of the national systems "POTSDAM" (Germany), "MGI" (BMN, Austria) and "LV95" (Switzerland) and vice versa. A graph of the location of the entered point as situated in the corresponding German "Messtischblatt" (MTB) is provided (Language: German). - Das Programm wandelt geodätische Koordinaten im Kartendatum WGS84 in die entsprechenden Werte der Bezugssysteme "POTSDAM" (D), "MGI" (Bundesmeldenetz, A) und "LV95" (CH) und umgekehrt um. Eine grafische Darstellung der Lage des eingegebenen Punktes im zugehörigen Deutschen Messtischblattes (Topografische Karte 1:25000) mit 1/64-Unterquadranten ist vorhanden.
vecop.zip8k12-10-05File is not ratedVector Operations v1.3.2
Provides functionality to resolve vectors into components and add multiple vectors. Also includes a projectile program to display various data on the flight path of a projectile given some initial sets of data.
vectors.zip4k10-01-14File is not ratedVector Sum
Adds vectors and displays the resultant magnitude and direction. Displays the sum graphically with the parallelogram method, the tip-to-tail method and in a free body diagram.

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