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Number of files 16
Last updated Wednesday, 17 April 2002
Total downloads 30,186
Most popular file  [5 Levels] BTLevels with 2,523 downloads.

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(Parent Dir)folder Up to TI-86 Assembly Game Levels
atlantis.zip33k02-04-17File is not ratedAtlantis
An 18 level world that has some newer ideas along with some old ones. Tested, and rated well with others.
btlevels.zip1k99-06-23File is not rated[5 Levels] BTLevels
Levels for Diamonds 1.1
dabomb.zip1k99-06-23File is not rated[10 Levels] DaBomb Levels
10 external levels
dethland.zip1k99-06-22File is not rated[15 levels] Death Land
Death Land levels for Diamonds 1.1
hard.86s1k00-06-02File is not ratedHard Diamonds Levels
These levels were made for Diamonds (the game created by Jonah Cohen). They were designed to hopefully provide a challenge for all master Diamond players. This is my fourth set of Diamonds levels. Good Luck.
hooker.zip1k99-06-28File is not rated[15 levels] Fluff the Munchkin
Levels for Diamonds v1.1
mattslvl.zip1k99-06-22File is not ratedMatt's Levels for Diamonds 1.1
Diamonds Levels for the TI-86.
mydlvls.zip1k01-09-30File is not ratedMichael Cathcart's Diamonds Levels
Two sets of levels for this great game. The first set has 15 levels and is pretty tough. The second set has 5 levels and is REEAALLLYYY tough.
newlvls.zip4k99-11-05File is not rated3 sets of Levels for Diamonds
2 sets of hard levels for diamonds, and one easy set. Long documentation included: info.txt
parox.zip1k00-05-24File is not ratedPAROX Diamonds Levels
20 levels for Diamonds. Quite challenging!
shckwave.zip1k99-06-22File is not rated[6 Levels] Shockwave Levels
External Levels for Diamonds 1.1
suicide.zip1k99-06-28File is not rated[12 Levels] Suicide
Very Difficult Levels for Diamonds.
wildride2.zip1k01-04-04File is not ratedwildride 2
like the original only with more levels
wildride.zip1k99-06-22File is not rated[6 levels] Wild Ride
6 levels for Diamonds 1.1
word.zip1k01-04-04File is not ratedword levels
simple levels with words spelled out of the blocks
wow.zip1k01-04-04File is not ratedwow
23 levels to master

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