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555plusc.zip4k14-12-07File is not rated555 Astable Multivibrator
Design or analyze 555 astable multivibrator circuits. Calculates components, frequency, period, low and high pulse durations and duty cycle. Graphical representation of pulse output. To execute, select AST555 from the prgm menu. This is an updated version that fixes some calculation errors of the previous version.
calorimetry.zip3k16-07-28File is not ratedCalorimetry V1.6
This program does calorimetry in chemistry. Just choose the variable you are looking for, enter the other four variables, and you have an answer. Update includes an option to change the number of decimal places at the end of the equation.
dateconv84.zip1k16-12-13File is not ratedDate Conversion v1.00
The program converts a Gregorian calendar date given as year/month/day/hour/min/sec or year/month/decimal day to the Modified Julian Day number ( MJD = JD-2 400 000.5 ) and vice versa.
doppler.zip1k16-11-12File is not ratedDoppler Effect
This program calculates either the perceived new frequency heard by the observer (due to the Doppler Effect) or the original emitted frequency from the source for various situations such as the source moving towards/away from the observer, the observer moving away/towards the source, both the source and observer moving towards each other, and both the observer and source moving away from each other. This program is an extremely fast way to ensure you don't make any stupid mistakes changing the signs of the equation for each situation. Hope you like it!
orbit84.zip24k17-03-19File is not ratedOrbit84
Track satellites in real time! This program allows you to see where a satellite is in real-time and whether it's above the horizon or not.
periodictable.zip6k15-04-25File is not ratedPeriodic Table
This program features a family and state periodic table, element list, search function and displays an element(symbol, name, atomic number, atomic mass, state, density, melting and boiling point). Requires Doors CSE 8.1.
resistorcolorcode.zip2k13-08-18File is not ratedResistor Color Code
Calculates in ohms and the accuracy of the resistor. It can convert colors to value and value to colors. Supports three to six band resistors. Features a graphical representation of a resistor.
sciforms.zip1k14-05-10File is not ratedScience Formulas
This program solves 13 science formulas. They are: acceleration (force), acceleration (speed), efficiency, electric power, force, mechanical advantage, momentum, power, speed, temperature, voltage, wave speed, and work. 1539 bytes.

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