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PedroM 0.81 (GNU GPL)


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Filename pedrom.zip (Download)
Title PedroM 0.81 (GNU GPL)
Description PedroM is a complete new Operating System (OS) for Ti-68k calculators. It does not use any code from Texas Instruments OS nor Advanced Math Software (AMS). There is plenty of Flash memory available (228 Kb of RAM and 1900 Kb of Archive) and there is no Computer Algebra System (CAS). PedroM has a modified version of the PreOS core as built-in, so you do not need to install a kernel extender. It uses the latest version of PreOS. So you can natively run nostub programs, kernel programs (version 2, 3, 4 & 5), PPG and pack archives. By the way, it works on 92+/89 Hw1/2 and V200/89 Titanium (without usb support). It should be very stable, but you should test it on an emulator before replacing original TI OS to avoid misunderstanding of what PedroM does.
Author Patrick PĂ©lissier (patrick.pelissier@gmail.com)
Category TI-89 Operating Systems
File Size 680,169 bytes
File Date and Time Sat Dec 3 02:58:03 2005
Documentation Included? Yes
Source Code Included? Yes



Review by  Konrad Meyer
Reviewed on 2004-01-27
Note! This review was written for a previous version of this file!

PedroM is a wonderful piece of software. It's a marvel, and is definitely the first independent OS for a TI calculator. It does have basic arithmetic built in (editors fix me if I'm wrong; I think it has simple division, multiplication, addition, and subtraction)

The UNIX like interpreter might intimidate users who have never seen UNIX, but its fairly simple to understand, and has a help command. Also, the lack of BASIC support might seem bad, but I think it is good, mainly because it encourages people who know BASIC to learn ASM, takes less space on calculator, and doesn't fill up ticalc's archives with useless BASIC programs (I know very few that are actually good, and I used two program in it). Overall I'd give it a 9 out of ten; It is wonderful, is an independent OS, but it lacks the CAS, the only reason I took one point off.

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Archive Contents
Name Size
pedrom/pedrom-89.tib   122951
pedrom/bin/maketib.c   5408
pedrom/bin/s2asm.c   4849
pedrom/bin/strip.c   1988
pedrom/bin/Makefile   324
pedrom/pedrom-89t.tib   122951
pedrom/src/Dialog.asm   56254
pedrom/src/Cert.asm   5738
pedrom/src/Vectors.h   3740
pedrom/src/Heap.asm   19484
pedrom/src/RomCalls.h   40742
pedrom/src/Kernel.asm   4370
pedrom/src/Mem.h   1970
pedrom/src/Tib.asm   18089
pedrom/src/Vectors.asm   9351
pedrom/src/Window.asm   33766
pedrom/src/System.asm   20521
pedrom/src/version.h   25
pedrom/src/Graph.asm   47321
pedrom/src/Strings.asm   6158
pedrom/src/ShellIO.asm   17433
pedrom/src/PedroM.asm   4885
pedrom/src/Process.asm   6513
pedrom/src/Const.h   14328
pedrom/src/Estack.asm   12188
pedrom/src/Vars.h   11891
pedrom/src/Ints.asm   17835
pedrom/src/Misc2.asm   11274
pedrom/src/stdlib.bin   23445
pedrom/src/Vat.asm   38250
pedrom/src/Builtin.asm   17323
pedrom/src/Misc.asm   13610
pedrom/src/Makefile   3913
pedrom/src/Extra.asm   3725
pedrom/src/c/ellipse.c   2999
pedrom/src/c/printf.c   11565
pedrom/src/c/bitmap.c   4965
pedrom/src/c/float.c   5886
pedrom/src/c/bitmap.asm   8660
pedrom/src/c/ellipse.asm   4215
pedrom/src/c/md5.h   3434
pedrom/src/c/files.asm   11756
pedrom/src/c/clipline.asm   2451
pedrom/src/c/side92.asm   55698
pedrom/src/c/md5.asm   13198
pedrom/src/c/float.asm   12318
pedrom/src/c/md5.c   12514
pedrom/src/c/clipline.c   3847
pedrom/src/c/PedroM-Internal.h   21195
pedrom/src/c/files.c   9961
pedrom/src/c/side89.asm   55609
pedrom/src/c/unpack.c   13947
pedrom/src/c/qsort.c   2272
pedrom/src/c/unpack.asm   6836
pedrom/src/c/side.c   43079
pedrom/src/c/qsort.asm   1368
pedrom/src/c/printf.asm   15316
pedrom/src/Library.asm   4222
pedrom/src/Fontes.bin   6144
pedrom/src/Link.asm   28797
pedrom/src/Long.asm   5564
pedrom/src/Estack2.asm   27788
pedrom/src/Memstr.asm   9459
pedrom/src/RomVoid.asm   29391
pedrom/src/Script.asm   6054
pedrom/src/Bcd.asm   42542
pedrom/src/Boot.asm   8967
pedrom/src/Flash.asm   30459
pedrom/pedrom-92.tib   122951
pedrom/pedrom-v200.tib   122951
pedrom/example/ex00.c   372
pedrom/example/readme.txt   249
pedrom/example/ex01.c   365
pedrom/example/Makefile   329
pedrom/example/include/signal.h   611
pedrom/example/include/stdio.h   4801
pedrom/example/include/ctype.h   2726
pedrom/example/include/errno.h   844
pedrom/example/include/stdint.h   3105
pedrom/example/include/ped-base.h   1643
pedrom/example/include/time.h   1364
pedrom/example/include/pedrom.h   487
pedrom/example/include/string.h   1763
pedrom/example/include/setjmp.h   310
pedrom/example/include/stdlib.h   3122
pedrom/example/include/float.h   1234
pedrom/example/include/math.h   3504
pedrom/example/include/stdarg.h   490
pedrom/example/include/stddef.h   344
pedrom/example/include/limits.h   763
pedrom/doc/RomCalls.txt   15735
pedrom/doc/TibFormat.txt   1377
pedrom/doc/GPL.txt   18002
pedrom/doc/ChangeLog.txt   23657
pedrom/doc/ToDo.txt   933
pedrom/doc/pedrom.txt   24236
pedrom/doc/Compat.txt   3549

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