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Filename tipower.zip (Download)
Title TIPower GOLD
Description Newest version of TIPower, the most powerful and the easiest to learn z80 calculator language. This new release includes a IDE with auto TIPower and ASM text-coloring, as well as assembly of ASM files, INTEGRATED SUPPORT FOR TI-83+, TI-83, and TI-86, as well as some superb libraries. By far the BEST and EASIEST way to make FAST, TIGHT games. Also new in this version: math operators, TI-86 compressed programs, automatic assembly, a Translation Agent to make the TI-83 programs, LIBRARIES including a WINDOWS library that is only 1k and features stuff like sleek customizable menus and scrolling help windows, all with just ONE SIMPLE COMMAND. Also features Full-Screen IDE option, full documentation and reference. I can't go on. It's just LOADED with cool easy-to-use features. See the README for a complete list. TIBASIC 86 programmers: make your own subroutines and communicate with TIPower programs!
Author Thomas Williamson (jedivsith@yahoo.com)
Category Windows Assembly Utilities
File Size 817,942 bytes
File Date and Time Fri Aug 8 02:16:23 2003
Documentation Included? Yes
Source Code Included? Yes



Review by  Joe Pena
Reviewed on 2004-03-22
There is only one word that can fully describe the TIPower Gold language: EASY!!! This is by far the easiest language you can learn to produce great "assembly" games!! It looks a lot like Java or C++ since it is object-oriented. Everything is made at least 100% easier: libraries, porting, and even sprites! The program even has its own compiler and debugger. Of course the greatest thing about this program is that it has "color-coded coding"!! This is the perfect hybrid between the flexibility of assembly and the reliability of BASIC!!

I definitely recommend it and give it a 10 out of 10!!


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Archive Contents
Name Size
Include/TIP83plusgraph.inc   7819
Include/TIP83plussys.inc   4615
Include/TIP86graph.inc   7932
Include/TIP86sys.inc   8725
Lib/TIPwin.html   9180
Lib/TIPwin83/Embedded Example/embed.83p   1815
Lib/TIPwin83/Embedded Example/embed.8xp   1819
Lib/TIPwin83/Embedded Example/embed.asm   20837
Lib/TIPwin83/Embedded Example/embed.TIP   2114
Lib/TIPwin83/library.asm   16238
Lib/TIPwin83/Regular Example/example.83p   1092
Lib/TIPwin83/Regular Example/example.8xp   1096
Lib/TIPwin83/Regular Example/example.asm   8332
Lib/TIPwin83/Regular Example/example.TIP   2472
Lib/TIPwin83/Regular Example/TIPwin83.8xp   1070
Lib/TIPwin83/Regular Example/TIPwin83.inc   7268
Lib/TIPwin83/Regular Example/TIPwin83reg.83p   1067
Lib/TIPwin83/Regular Example/TIPwin83reg.inc   7488
Lib/TIPwin83/TIPwin83.8xp   1070
Lib/TIPwin83/TIPwin83.asm   704
Lib/TIPwin83/TIPwin83.inc   7268
Lib/TIPwin83/TIPwin83.TIP   1445
Lib/TIPwin83/TIPwin83embed.TIP   1644
Lib/TIPwin83/TIPwin83reg.83p   1067
Lib/TIPwin83/TIPwin83reg.asm   703
Lib/TIPwin83/TIPwin83reg.inc   7488
Lib/TIPwin83/TIPwin83reg.TIP   1448
Lib/TIPwin86/example.86p   1113
Lib/TIPwin86/example.asm   7953
Lib/TIPwin86/example.TIP   2190
Lib/TIPwin86/TIPwin86.86s   1003
Lib/TIPwin86/TIPwin86.asm   16904
Lib/TIPwin86/TIPwin86.inc   30995
Lib/TIPwin86/TIPwin86.TIP   1479
build.bat   50
SYSTEM.TI6   1956
TIPower.exe   749056
Help/gfxfunc.html   11667
Help/language.html   53177
Help/sysfunc.html   13905
Help/TIPwin.html   9180
Help/title.JPG   3614
cz80/asm83p.dll   56320
cz80/asm86.dll   49152
cz80/crasm82.dll   32256
cz80/cz80.exe   69632
cz80/Include/app.inc   1357
cz80/Include/ASM86.H   12198
cz80/Include/Asm86.inc   83210
cz80/Include/Char86.inc   4490
cz80/Include/Flag86.inc   4646
cz80/Include/ION.INC   10552
cz80/Include/IONPLUS.INC   7210
cz80/Include/ionreg.inc   7749
cz80/Include/Key86.inc   6410
cz80/Include/Misc86.inc   2373
cz80/Include/Old86.h   798
cz80/Include/Ram86.h   27374
cz80/Include/Ram86.inc   28653
cz80/Include/Rom86.h   20092
cz80/Include/Rom86.inc   20074
cz80/Include/TI83PLUS.INC   110409
cz80/Include/Ti86.inc   684
cz80/Include/Ti86asm.inc   688
cz80/intelhex.dll   50688
cz80/lite86.dll   40960
cz80/lite86.exe   38912
cz80/object.dll   31232
cz80/string86.dll   49152
cz80/tasm80.tab   18166
Example Programs/Ice Dodger.txt   194
Example Programs/random numbers/icedodge.83p   641
Example Programs/random numbers/icedodge.86p   644
Example Programs/random numbers/icedodge.8xp   645
Example Programs/random numbers/icedodge.asm   7505
Example Programs/random numbers/icedodge.TIP   2036
Example Programs/RealXY86.txt   282
Example Programs/realxy86/realxy86.86p   339
Example Programs/realxy86/realxy86.asm   3433
Example Programs/realxy86/realxy86.TIP   452
Example Programs/Super Total Collapse/Collapse.83p   1269
Example Programs/Super Total Collapse/Collapse.86p   1272
Example Programs/Super Total Collapse/Collapse.8xp   922
Example Programs/Super Total Collapse/Collapse.asm   13732
Example Programs/Super Total Collapse/Collapse.TIP   4871
Example Programs/Super Total Collapse/TIPwin83.8xp   1070
Example Programs/Super Total Collapse/TIPwin83.inc   7268
Example Programs/Super Total Collapse/TIPwin83reg.83p   1067
Example Programs/Super Total Collapse/TIPwin83reg.inc   7488
Example Programs/Super Total Collapse/TIPwin86.86s   1003
Example Programs/Super Total Collapse/TIPwin86.inc   30995
Example Programs/Total Collapse/Collapse.83p   918
Example Programs/Total Collapse/Collapse.86p   918
Example Programs/Total Collapse/Collapse.8xp   922
Example Programs/Total Collapse/Collapse.asm   10117
Example Programs/Total Collapse/Collapse.TIP   2986
Example Programs/TotalCollapse.txt   463

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