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Super Mario v1.2


Ranked as 3 on our all-time top downloads list with 500920 downloads.
Ranked as 15 on our top downloads list for the past seven days with 242 downloads.
Ranked as 15 on our top rated list with a weighted average of 8.85.

Filename mario83p.zip
Title Super Mario v1.2
Description Super Mario features beautiful graphics courtesy of Bill Nagel, 13 unique enemies, 64 unique background tiles (some with animation), fast scrolling, powerups like growth or flower-power, fireballs, a somewhat-challenging boss, an animated ending scene, and an expansive easy-to-use World editor that can be run on a calculator. Please consult the .txt file for more information.
Author Sam Heald (samuel.heald@duke.edu)
Category TI-83/84 Plus Assembly Games (Ion/Arcade)
File Size 54,665 bytes
File Date and Time Thu Jun 28 21:39:09 2001
Documentation Included? Yes
Source Code Included? Yes



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Review by  Barry McNamara
Reviewed on 2012-09-19
Gameplay: 5/5

It's Mario on a calculator! Awesome!

Graphics: 5/5

Obviously not even close to the NES which already had bad graphics, but for the TI-84+ the graphics are about as good as it gets.

Controls: 4/5

Not perfect; they take some getting used to but they're not too bad that the game is unplayable or annoying. A couple jumps are hard to make but with practice you can do it.

Interface: 4/5

The interface on the game is flawless. The level editor is...well, a level editor.

Lasting Appeal: 4/5

It's a fun game and it will take a while to beat, but once you do it loses some appeal. Not a lot, but it's not nearly as exciting. You can always make more levels with the editor if you have time.

Average: 4.4/5

Overall: 5/5

This game is arguably the best game for the TI-83/84. I had played a different version of Mario before this one and let me tell you, this is the one to go for. The graphics are unexpectedly good and even the controls aren't too bad. The level editor is a nice bonus. A must-have for any Mario fan!

Note: I play this game on a TI-84+ using the most recent OS. Others have spoken of the split-screen glitch which I have never encountered but my friend did. I have the exact same OS as him. I am not sure what causes the glitch but I would say download this game anyways and pray for the best because it's amazing.

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Archive Contents
Name Size
MARIO.83P   10181
mario.8xp   10266
mario.asm   73671
mario.txt   6298
MEDIT.83P   6410
medit.8xp   6415
medit.asm   35160
medit.txt   1097
nagel.83p   2114
nagel.8xp   2114


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