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Phoenix 4.1


Ranked as 15 on our all-time top downloads list with 219613 downloads.
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Ranked as 23 on our top rated list with a weighted average of 8.74.

Filename phx.zip (Download)
Title Phoenix 4.1
Description Phoenix is an advanced shoot-em-up game for the TI-82, TI-83, TI-83 Plus, TI-84 Plus, TI-85, and TI-86 calculators. This game has very smooth gameplay (over 30 frames per second) with many objects onscreen. Its features include many different types of enemies, many different levels, the ability to buy additional items, five possible weapons for your ship, game saving, a high score table, multiple difficulty levels, and multiple speeds, and external levels. The game only takes about 8K of your memory. It is supplied with full source code, and may be copied or modified without any restrictions.
Author Patrick Davidson (pad@ocf.berkeley.edu)
Category TI-83/84 Plus Assembly Games (MirageOS)
File Size 87,742 bytes
File Date and Time Sat Jun 4 12:51:47 2011
Documentation Included? Yes
Source Code Included? Yes



Review by  nick bugaev
Reviewed on 2009-12-26
Note! This review was written for a previous version of this file!

Gameplay- One the most fastest shooting games I've ever seen! 10/10

Memory- Don't be fooled by the size you see for the program. Most of the file is the coding. The actual game is very small and is a perfect size for this kind of game.

Creativity- I wouldn't say that this is anything new. This reminds me of another game where you shoot rows of ships. 4/10

File- Very organized asm with a very detailed readme. 10/10

Graphics- very fast background with option to change it. 10/10

Controls- very user friendly and easy to pick up. 10/10

Overall- Insane speed, new enemies, big shop selection, and size make this the perfect shooting game around! 10/10


  • Upgrade speed of ship in shop?
  • Feels like this needs a storyline, perhaps?
  • Maybe some boss fights.

Well that's my review. FIRE TURBOLAZERS NOW!!

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Archive Contents
Name Size
build.bat   108
build73.bat   184
build82.bat   152
build83.bat   148
build85.bat   216
build86.bat   169
build8x.bat   167
buildmir.bat   151
bullets.asm   5585
collide.asm   2159
data.asm   975
disp12.asm   5785
disp16.asm   7983
drwspr.asm   9756
ebullets.asm   6801
emove.asm   13640
enemies.asm   4201
enemyhit.asm   9179
eshoot.asm   9609
exchange.asm   1310
extlev12.asm   7522
extlev16.asm   2876
helper.asm   3410
hityou.asm   3739
images.asm   13724
info.asm   5316
init.asm   5800
internal.txt   9772
keys.i   672
levels.asm   13070
levels.txt   22481
lib.asm   2463
lib12.asm   2111
lib16.asm   2457
main12.asm   4790
main16.asm   3941
main73.asm   2281
main82.asm   2280
main83.asm   2207
main85.asm   3090
main86.asm   7263
main8x.asm   2237
mainmir.asm   2799
PHOENIX.8XP   8829
phoenixz.i   5102
phoenixz.txt   26938
player12.asm   3761
player16.asm   4116
score12.asm   8381
score16.asm   7149
shoot.asm   3770
shop12.asm   6334
shop16.asm   5250
title12.asm   9005
title16.asm   8866
vars.asm   2744

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