TI-H: Re: TI-89 ROM "downgrading"


TI-H: Re: TI-89 ROM "downgrading"

If its a TI-89 with HW2 (most likely it is), then you can't downgrade the
ROM past 1.05.


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Subject: TI-H: TI-89 ROM "downgrading"

> A friend of mine recently bought a TI-89 with ROM 1.05, but of course he
> wanted 1.00 for all the games.  So I tried to downgrade his ROM from my
> calc with the "Send/Recieve Product Code."  Should that work?  It didn't.
>  I tried sending to/from many 89s but the sending calc got a checksum
> error each time and the reciever always locked up.  Any ideas?
> Thanks,
> Noah
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