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My univ has those discustingly cute little Imacs, not the g3's.  So far I 
have found them completely useless......whats worse our NT machines
(running NT 4) are pentium 90s with 48mb ram...uck.  The only thing (in
the cs department) that is any good are the X terminals, and the linux

On Mon, 15 Nov 1999, Olle Hedman wrote:

:My univ. has G3:s in standard desktop boxes. They are actually usefull. The
:other PPC:s ar sooo slow.. A pain to use.
:But I hardly never use the macs anyway. I prefer the Sun UltraSparcs.
:(They have a lot of NT PC:s too, But I have never once logged in on thoose, even
:though I have been here for 1 year now)
:Grant Stockly wrote:
:> >Well the new G3 line is not out yet, they have MT (minitower) and DT
:> >(Desktop) designs, same old stuff. The new G3s will be the pro line.
:> >Gigabit Ethernet (Automatic 10 or 100 switching), Three FireWire ports, two
:> >external one internal. 66Mhz PCI bus. 2x/4x AGP slot, 9-12gig HD, It should
:> >have a G4@500Mhz , some usb,adb,serial, It will not be all in one, there
:> >was only ONE all in one g3 and that was the all-in-one g3 the iMac isnt
:> >really a g3 even though it runs off a g3. You don't need pants for the
:> >victory dance. All this should cost about the same as a similarly equiped
:> >PII
:> Actually, there are All-In-One G3s for schools only.  They have a grey
:> clear top.
:> My school got some last year

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