TI-H: TI-89 rom 1.05 (more off topic stuff)


TI-H: TI-89 rom 1.05 (more off topic stuff)

I can not see any changes from 1.0 to 1.05.  TI said it was a 
maintainance (sp?) release.  Do not upgrade to it.  It will 
break most all asm programs, and the ones it does not break
are unstable.

>From what I have heard v2.0 should be out some time this
month, it is really supposed to kick ass, but I am going
to wait to upgrade, just to see what other people think,
because if it is anything like 1.05 we are in trouble.

:What changed (for the better) from the 1.0 rom to the 1.05 version? i.e.
:Why did TI release it?
:Just wondering...
:Noah Deneau

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