Re: TI-H: the ti-hardware list.


Re: TI-H: the ti-hardware list.

Since questions involving hardware related to the TI-calcs are few and far
between, why not?  I didn't hear you complaining about the AVR vs. PIC
microcontroller discussions, either; those weren't strictly on topic, were
they?  This isn't exactly a high-volume list - what's the problem if some
techies want to talk some unrelated geek shit?  You can learn a lot more by
listening to a broader range of ideas than just what's supposed to be
on-topic for this list, and anyone who has a question about almost anything
technical can ask here and find _someone_ who's interested in the topic or
with at least passing knowledge of the subject.  If you can't stomach
high-level programming (or any other off-topic post), fine- just don't rip
into those of us who can help.  Toss a filter in your mail rules if you
simply can't bear it.

On the other hand, what irritates me is when people post unresearched (see:
stupid) questions because they're too lazy to look up the answer.


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> > I have a question to the whole ti-hardware list. Way do you people write
> > about other stuff than ti-hardware? There is maybe other lists
> > about these things. But it don't belong in this list. This is the
> > list and nothing else. I don't even like high level programming. So
> > don't talk high level software and other shit. If it not belong to the
> > ti-hardware.
> I sometimes get the feeling that the people in here like to be
> the most knowledgeable person in a group about a subject, which
> would not be the case if they were in a list about that subject.
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