Re: TI-H: EL Backlights? A LA TI-92


Re: TI-H: EL Backlights? A LA TI-92

From: Kevin Buck <>
> Hey David, you may not remember me, but a long time back, I purchased one
> your EL backlight kits, and remember when we were working so hard to try
> figure out why the calc always slowed down with new batteries and the EL
> on?  You said you never figured out how to conteract it...

Yup, I tried several different types of filters, none of which solved the

> Well, I went and got me a variable potentiometer and placed it inside the
> calc, cut a small hole right next to the battery casing, and above the
> switch to make it flush, then after a little adjusting, I had a dimmer
> for the backlight.  And get this, since the pot was place before the
> inverter, even with brand new batteries, the calc doesn't slow down
> anymore!!

Interesting, could you send a quick diagram of that?

Glad you got it working! :)